Neobux – new statistics page

New Statistic Page

Neobux has updated their site once again and this time they have updated the way your statistics are displayed with these fancy new graphics.

The page has been divided into three sections, The first section shows your advertisement clicks over a given time and these have been handily divided into the different types of ads that you have clicked.

The second section deals with your referral clicks and is almost the same as it was seen before, so you are still able to quickly see how your direct and rented referrals are doing.

And the final section is dedicated to Mini Jobs, this gives you all the information that you found on your Mini Jobs listings page, but now that it is all in one place, it should be much more convenient to study my statistics and earning on this fine site.

Neobux is constantly evolving and adding to the site, that is what makes Neobux one of the greatest paid to click sites there is.

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