Neobux payment proof 11

neobux payment 2016Here is my 11th payment proof with one of the most beloved paid to click sites on the net, Neobux. Currently the cash out minimum is $10.00 for me, but when you first sign up, the minimum is at a low $2.00 so that you can try it out and prove to yourself that Neobux will pay you.

After your first cash out the minimum goes up to $4.00, then $6.00, then $8.00 before finally settling on the $10.00 minimum. This is a great way to allow people to prove the system to themselves and ramp up their earnings, before having the minimum raised. the first $2.00 is the hardest to make.

You can join Neobux for free and try it out for yourselves by clicking the link below. I would love to hear about how you liked it and see your payment proofs, in the comments below.

Join Here….



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