Neobux payment proof 2

Neobux payment proof 2NeoBux has paid me for a 2nd time!

Neobux is one of my favorite sites and I thrilled to be paid by them once again. I haven't had too many proofs up until now because I have been spending my winnings in site. NeoBux is one of the more fun sites to earn extra money from as the layout and style of the site is very pleasant. Earning from this site is almost self explanatory and couldn't be easier.

I will be re-investing this money in some referrals as this site allows you to rent referrals from them. Referrals pay you, every time they click on an ad you get money for their work. Often you earn more from having just one referral than all the work you do yourself clicking ads. I hope to show you all many more payments in a short period of time as my referral list grows. You can join me here:


NeoBux Paid-toClick Service

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