Neobux rented referral statistics for October

This past month I was sick of spending money on recycling rented referrals, so I decided to only spend money on recycling after I had earned enough to cover it from my rentals. Amazingly, I never found that I made enough to recycle even once. The statistic I present you with this month is really just an experiment demonstrating what happens if you don't recycle at all. 

Please also note that I have added another 3 referrals to my rental list. I hope that this will show any gains or loss to a greater amount…


So it costs me $1.14 to renew the referrals for the month. That means I need to earn $0.038 per day which is 7.6 clicks total per day. Over the entire month I need to 228 clicks in order to break even. As we can see from the chart I started out well, but very rarely got up to the point where I could afford to recycle for $0.07, it gradually went down hill from there until I finished up the month with a total of 212 clicks this is 16 clicks BELOW what I needed to break even which is a profit loss of about $0.08. Not so great this month, but I did notice that I have got a fairly high number of days left from having auto pay turned on.

I had left over at the end of the month, 81 days, spread across the 6 referrals. Now if it costs $1.14 to renew 6 referrals for 30 days then $1.14/6 referrals = $0.19 per referral per 30 days. 81 days / 30 = 4.26 referrals. It looks as though I have effectively rented equivalent of another 4.26 referrals. The value of this is $0.19*4.26 = $0.8094. It would appear that although I lost 8 cents this month, I have gained equivalent of $0.8094. That is almost like earning $0.7294 for renting referrals this month. That looks a lot better than I first thought. I will try this again next month and see what happens…

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