Neobux rented referral statistics for September

This month I decide to use my Neopoint balance instead of my rental balance to extend and recycle my rented referrals for NeoBux. This means that I did not spend any money at all on the referrals. Neopoints are given away for free as an extra incentive every time that you click an ad and I figure that it might be worth using them as it is so difficult to make a profit with rented referrals. Anyways here is how the numbers added it this last month:

NeoBux rented referral stats Sept 2012 (You can click the image to enlarge it.)

Ignoring the $0.01 on the 25th (I have no idea why that is there), you can see that my total profit for this month was $0.66 on top of my other earning from clicking ads, if I was to renew the referrals using my rental balance, $0.57 would have been used leaving me with $0.09. Recycling costs $0.07 each so if I wanted to profit, at this earning level I would only be able to recycle once and would be left with a profit of $0.02. This is not a lot, and you will notice I used NeoPoints to recycle twice, that would have caused me to spend $0.05 more than I have earned.

If it wasn't for the Neopoints I would start to have some serious doubts whether or not renting referrals is a profitable enterprise. I have spent nothing so the $0.66 is a welcome addition. Next month I will add 3 more referrals to my rented total and see how that shakes out. I am also going to try and not recycle any of them until I have made both the renewing cost and the cost of recycling to see, if I was spending money from my rental balance, whether this whole renting referrals thing is a scam or not. I do not recommend that anyone rents referrals until they are good and ready, preferably with a large amount of neopoints at their disposal. I will continue to try to prove if renting referrals is a good idea. I do however, recommend NeoBux for profit by clicking ads, they pay well and honestly.

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