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The good news…

Smilecity has added the option to cash out you points into your PayPal account. this is excellent news that many have been waiting for. There has been no way of cashing out your points since SmileCity was acquired by Survey Sampling International a few months ago. You will have to have a balance of 2000 to cash out $20.00 which means that all points are now worth a bit more than they used to be. Now points are worth one cent each. more good news for those of us who have points in our account.

Now that SmileCity is associated with a large group of survey sites, I have noticed an increase in the frequency of surveys meaning that you will be able to earn more by spending more time filling out surveys.

And now the bad…

As part of their changes I have also noticed that the ‘refer a friend’ option has been changed drastically. Now you can earn a MAXIMUM of $5.00 from referring a MAXIMUM of 5 friends who use your referral link and complete a survey. I was earning a significant amount from referring people to SmileCity and thought we were enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship, only to have it changed without notification. I have emailed them regarding there new decision and I got the usual ‘copy and pasted’ email from the site. Looks as though the customer service of this site still leaves a lot to be desired. The text of our communications are as follows:

“Question:I notice that you have changed the rewards for referring others to your site. Previously i was rewarded with 200 points for everyone I referred (that continued to use the site and earned 400 points for themselves). As you can probably see from my account, I was referring many new users to sign up to SmileCity. On average, about 30 a month from memory. The changes you have made suggest, after I have earned the first $5.00, i will no longer be rewarded for referring others in any way. Is that right? Is there any other referral program you can offer to someone in my position so we can both continue to enjoy what I considered a fruitful relationship?”

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Refer A Friend programme gives you the opportunity to refer new members to our survey community and earn extra points to your account.  You can obtain your unique Refer-a-friend link in your account.  Please note that you can only receive referral points to a maximum of (5) successful referrals.  Each referral has the opportunity to earn $1 worth of points.  

You are only eligible to receive these referral points if:
1. The member signed up using the referral link you provided.  If they signed up directly from the website, you will not be eligible to receive your referral points.
2. The referral has completed their first client survey (PRJ).  Note that Profile Surveys do not count in this programme.

If your referral successfully completed their first survey, please allow 1-2 weeks for the referral points to be credited to your account.  

Thank you.

Best regards,
SmileCity Member Service Team


Thank you SmileCity Member Service Team,

this is the same information that is already on your site. I am looking for information specific to what I outlined in my message. Can you direct me to someone that can help?



Russ Benk

At time of writing, 3 days have past and I have not received an answer yet. If this one change was resolved, I would continue to recommend SmileCity as the best survey site available to kiwis, but for now it has faded into just another generic survey site.
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