bitNZ offline

Some off you may have noticed that bitNZ, the leading NZ bitcoin exchange was offline for quite a days last week, stating that the site was under maintenance. Later the sites admin made an announcement on reddit that the site had been compromised and 39 BTC had been stolen.

“On Monday, 11 August 2014 at 3am NZ time, ~39 bitcoins were stolen from bitNZ.

Our email relay service provider was hacked which enabled the attacker to view all outgoing emails. The attacker used this information to reset user passwords and intercept the password reset email. If the user did not have 2FA the attacker was able to log on as the user and initiate a withdrawal.

At the moment I am still analysing the the event and making sure the vulnerability is plugged (revoke email relay access, reset passwords/api-keys, purge sessions, check if user emails were modified etc).

I need to take the time to do this thoroughly so please have some patience. You can contact me at or ask questions on this thread.

I am going to cover the loss. If you would like to donate to help here is the address 1NAVXrA8NnXURzdFNLf79p8YoLPBBfwnFi”

Scary. I really didn’t think we would see this happen in such a small exchange, especially one that was run in such a competent way. It would seem that the hack was not through the site itself, but through the email provider. The admin if bitNZ has again shown what a stand up guy he is by covering the losses out of his own pocket.


The site was up again a few days ago, but with limited access only. Details from the admin, again posted on reddit:

“We are online… sorta. I have disabled most trading features, you can check balances and cancel any open orders. You can also enable 2FA.

Any questions welcome. Thanks for everyones support.

Donations to help cover the costs go here: 1NAVXrA8NnXURzdFNLf79p8YoLPBBfwnFi

Previous announcement here:

EDIT: You will need to reset your password before loggin in. Sorry”

If everyone had 2FA enabled there probably won’t have been any bitcoin stolen at all. I urge anyone who uses this exchange to enable 2FA. I would be surprised if we see the admin reaching into his own pocket again to bail out those of us who haven’t taken steps to secure our bitcoins.

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ClixSense moves

clixsenseClixSenses admin has announced that they will be relocating their business on their news page on on the forum.

Members, please read this as it is an important announcement.

“As with anything that happens in life, nothing is constant and everything changes and this includes ClixSense. On Thursday August 7th, ClixSense will be relocating from Rome NY to Hampstead North Carolina. The ClixSense ownership will remain the same, as will the ClixSense staff. 2 of our staff (Becki and Aaron) will remain in and work from New York while myself and Joe will continue to run the business from Hampstead North Carolina. 

This move was more of a personal decision rather than a business one. But because North Carolina is one of the top states in the US to conduct business in (according to, we feel this will be a fantastic move for ClixSense.

We look forward to continued success from North Carolina.

Thank you

So what does this mean? Nothing, I expect. We will still be able to make great earnings from ClixSense I am sure.

Click Here To Join:


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Take care of the cents…

CoinFunny how some will walk past 10 cents on the ground ten times without taking the effort to bend over a pick it up, but if they pass a dollar they well bend over, pocket the coin and think to themselves: “Sweet, scored a dollar!”

No one ever got rich from throwing away money, no matter how seemingly insignificant, those few cent here and there can add up to dollars, then tens of dollars then 100s of dollars over time. I often sit down to do a bit of ‘paid to click’ only to come away with a measly ten cents. This may happen again the next day and the next day I might get a still tiny 47 cents. But over the month I can average out the amount and find I have a number of payments like seen last month.

This ‘small change’ can multiply and add up to a free box of beer or meal at a restaurant. All by not throwing away opportunities and collecting every little cent available to you.

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Online earning update – July 2014

This is the second of my monthly updates and I am happy to report that thing have been much better than last month. No dramatic changes or events to report, so I will get right in to the earning.

I have received a payment of $7.84 from Clixsense, no troubles to report everything went smoothly as alway with Clixsense.

I also received a payment of $30.00 from SmileCity this month. Payments can take a few weeks to process and are deposited directly to my bank account in NZ dollars.

I have increased my bitcoins through microtransactions by 0.00061813BTC. This is worth about 0.37NZD at time of writing. Again, you can follow my earnings or donate  –> here.

I have requested a payment from BuxP, but the payment can take up to 30 days to be approved. All going well, I will post my payment next month.

  • PTC earning.

Continuing paid to click earning as per the following table.

Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $1.51 0 2
Clixsense $0.58 $7.84 3
BuxP $0.86 0 2
Wordlinx $0.24 0 1

Total – $3.19USD = $3.74NZD (approx)

Payments – $7.84USD = $9.21NZD

  • Online surveys
SmileCity/MyOpinion $6.78
spidermetrix $6.00
Pure Profile $0.00
opini $0.00

Total – $12.78

Payments – $30.00NZD

  • Other earning

paid-to-like – $0.08USD

Bitcoin – $0.37USD

Free Stuff My Way – $1.50USD

  • Costs

site hosting – $11.48NZD

Total earning: $18.81

Total payments–> $39.21 – $11.48(hosting) = $27.73NZD earned.

There you have it, this month I have pocketed a total of $27.73 NZD. See you next month.

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SmileCity payment proof 6

After a poor month last month, here is another payment, this time from from SmileCity. If you have never heard of SmileCity, it is a survey site that pays you for your information and opinions. It is a site for those of us living in New Zealand only, so there are many more opportunities to earn than with other sites that I have tested.

This is my 6th payment and with the relatively large amount of $30.00NZD per cash out, it has brought my total earning with this site to a massive $180.00. This is quite considerably more than I have earned on any other online reward site. If you are living in NZ there are very few sites which you can make money on easier and quicker than SmileCity. Simply sign up, answer some questions about yourself and you are ready to start making money off of surveys. Be sure to login to SmileCity once a day to catch all of the mini daily surveys to increase what you earn. SmileCity will also pay you for referring your friends.

You can join the site for free by clicking the banner below. 


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Clixsense payment proof 4

Finally I have another payment to share with you. This one is from Clixsense and was paid only a day or two after I requested it, the website states that requests are made on a Monday and Friday each week so this was well within the expected time frame. You have to reach an acount total of $8.00 on Clixsense before you are able to request a payment.

Clixsense has been a trusted paid to click site for about 7 years now and there are no sign that it will stop anytime soon. Clixsense is one of the few sites that offer surveys as well, so you can earn that way too. I don’t see many surveys, but that may be different for you.


Also be sure to check out the Clixgrid game where you may win up to $5.00. You get 30 clicks on the grid every day.


Click Here To Join:


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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be a difficult concept to get your head around if you haven’t had any experience with them and I have been asked to try and give a little more clarification on what bitcoin are and how they work. After think on it for some time I tried finding and article that explained it simply to work off as a guide. Finally I found the video below that I think explains it quickly and simply enough for most to understand and probably does a much better job of it than I ever could. 

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Online earning update – June 2014

This month has been a fairly poor month for me in earning extra money online. It is the first month in quite some time in which I haven’t had any payments what so ever. I received a request to update what has happened over the past month in my online earning world.

Two of my favorite paid to click sites have gone offline for good. Northowl, the sites owner has been sick for some time and has decided to pull the plug on both sites. I lost my two account balalnces of $0.58 and $0.89 respectively.

Wordlinx introduced non paying ‘pre-veiw’ ads before you were able to veiw ads that paid you. Also they have changed their human test, it now looks like this:

I have continued earning bitcoin as per the above link. things contine to go well and you can check my payments –> here. Feel free to make a donation. 🙂

  • PTC earning.

Continuing paid to click earning as per the following table.

Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $1.42 0 0
Clixsense $0.70 0 2
BuxP $1.04 0 1
Wordlinx $0.45 0 2

Total – $3.65USD = $4.45NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity/MyOpinion $7.62
spidermetrix $0.67
Pure Profile $0.00
opini $0.00

Total – $8.29

  • Other earning

paid-to-like – $0.04USD

Free Stuff My Way – $2.60USD

  • Costs

site hosting – $11.48NZD

Total earning: $15.96 – $11.48(hosting) = $4.48NZD earned.

So there you have it. Maybe it is the depressing winter or maybe the end of Clicksia and Incentria, but all in all $4.48 isn’t a great earning for this month. I have some other payments coming up next month so hopefully things will look better at the end of July. Hope you guys have fared better than me this month!

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How to solve Captcha



Lately I have been in a lot of contact with captchas while earning bitcoin online and thought I would share some of the things I have learned about these frustrating little tests.

First of all CAPTCHA is actually an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. So there you go, now you can use that to impress your peers at parties (If they aren’t impressed by this, go and talk to someone else, you don’t need them).

The appearance of some of these captchas can be daunting, but take it slow focusing on what letter at a time. Don’t think you can figure it out? Try anyways, you will get a new one to solve should you fail and with some captchas, you don’t have to get every character correct, often just one of the two ‘words’ will suffice.

Don’t worry about capitalization or white space. Just type in all lowercase without spaces, most captchas I have used aren’t case sensitive and don’t register spaces in your answer.

Uppercase ‘I’ as in igloo, lowercase ‘l’ as in lagoon or the number ‘1’? These characters look so much alike, especially when there are other confusing lines all over the place. Most of the time I go with lowercase ‘l’ (as lamb). I don’t know why, but for me this seem to get the most success.

Remember that you can always refresh the captcha to get a new one or use the audio button to listen to the captcha instead. I hope these tips have helped you even a little bit and if you have any other tips to add, please comment on this post and share with the rest of us.

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Get rich quick

Ever come across the heading get rich quick? Ever fall for it? You read an article about how much you can make from home while doing virtually nothing and out come the credit card to pay the $40 – $100 for the next, super secret, super elite get rich quick program. Many of the people who get rich quick have stumbled over dumb luck and we are all hoping that on day something lucky will happen to us. If you want to get rich quick, I suggest playing lotto because that is probably one of your best chances at getting rich with no effort.

Many of the people who have created these get rich programs and indeed the ones selling them have made some success with them, but I hardly believe that they have earned money online without any effort. I would imagine that most of these sellers have had a great deal of experience with online marketing or if not, they have spent a considerable time learning about the industry.

Be careful spending what money you have already amassed on products that claim to make you rich quick. In my experience you can get rich, but it won’t be quick or effortless. If you want to make money online start do some research and start learning, the tools are literally at you fingertips and most good information can be found

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