What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be a difficult concept to get your head around if you haven’t had any experience with them and I have been asked to try and give a little more clarification on what bitcoin are and how they work. After think on it for some time I tried finding and article that explained it simply to work off as a guide. Finally I found the video below that I think explains it quickly and simply enough for most to understand and probably does a much better job of it than I ever could. 

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Online earning update – June 2014

This month has been a fairly poor month for me in earning extra money online. It is the first month in quite some time in which I haven’t had any payments what so ever. I received a request to update what has happened over the past month in my online earning world.

Two of my favorite paid to click sites have gone offline for good. Northowl, the sites owner has been sick for some time and has decided to pull the plug on both sites. I lost my two account balalnces of $0.58 and $0.89 respectively.

Wordlinx introduced non paying ‘pre-veiw’ ads before you were able to veiw ads that paid you. Also they have changed their human test, it now looks like this:

I have continued earning bitcoin as per the above link. things contine to go well and you can check my payments –> here. Feel free to make a donation. 🙂

  • PTC earning.

Continuing paid to click earning as per the following table.

Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $1.42 0 0
Clixsense $0.70 0 2
BuxP $1.04 0 1
Wordlinx $0.45 0 2

Total – $3.65USD = $4.45NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity/MyOpinion $7.62
spidermetrix $0.67
Pure Profile $0.00
opini $0.00

Total – $8.29

  • Other earning

paid-to-like – $0.04USD

Free Stuff My Way – $2.60USD

  • Costs

site hosting – $11.48NZD

Total earning: $15.96 – $11.48(hosting) = $4.48NZD earned.

So there you have it. Maybe it is the depressing winter or maybe the end of Clicksia and Incentria, but all in all $4.48 isn’t a great earning for this month. I have some other payments coming up next month so hopefully things will look better at the end of July. Hope you guys have fared better than me this month!

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How to solve Captcha



Lately I have been in a lot of contact with captchas while earning bitcoin online and thought I would share some of the things I have learned about these frustrating little tests.

First of all CAPTCHA is actually an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. So there you go, now you can use that to impress your peers at parties (If they aren’t impressed by this, go and talk to someone else, you don’t need them).

The appearance of some of these captchas can be daunting, but take it slow focusing on what letter at a time. Don’t think you can figure it out? Try anyways, you will get a new one to solve should you fail and with some captchas, you don’t have to get every character correct, often just one of the two ‘words’ will suffice.

Don’t worry about capitalization or white space. Just type in all lowercase without spaces, most captchas I have used aren’t case sensitive and don’t register spaces in your answer.

Uppercase ‘I’ as in igloo, lowercase ‘l’ as in lagoon or the number ‘1’? These characters look so much alike, especially when there are other confusing lines all over the place. Most of the time I go with lowercase ‘l’ (as lamb). I don’t know why, but for me this seem to get the most success.

Remember that you can always refresh the captcha to get a new one or use the audio button to listen to the captcha instead. I hope these tips have helped you even a little bit and if you have any other tips to add, please comment on this post and share with the rest of us.

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Get rich quick

Ever come across the heading get rich quick? Ever fall for it? You read an article about how much you can make from home while doing virtually nothing and out come the credit card to pay the $40 – $100 for the next, super secret, super elite get rich quick program. Many of the people who get rich quick have stumbled over dumb luck and we are all hoping that on day something lucky will happen to us. If you want to get rich quick, I suggest playing lotto because that is probably one of your best chances at getting rich with no effort.

Many of the people who have created these get rich programs and indeed the ones selling them have made some success with them, but I hardly believe that they have earned money online without any effort. I would imagine that most of these sellers have had a great deal of experience with online marketing or if not, they have spent a considerable time learning about the industry.

Be careful spending what money you have already amassed on products that claim to make you rich quick. In my experience you can get rich, but it won’t be quick or effortless. If you want to make money online start do some research and start learning, the tools are literally at you fingertips and most good information can be found

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Changes to Wordlinx


Wordlinx has really started to ramp things up with several changes in the past few weeks and more changes on the way. The first change I noticed was that there is now a ‘pre-ad’ that you must view before you can view the paying ad. This has been introduced to encourage members to upgrade and takes almost double the time to view and ad as before it did before the introduction. But, on the plus side there have been many more guaranteed ads added, now all users will get 5 ads daily guaranteed.

This will allow for more earnings, but extra time is needed to be spent on the site. My own experience has shown I have been getting about twice what I normally would have earned, I will have to give it more time to see if this will be worth it.

This week I have received the following email from WordLinx talking about the changes:

WordLinx has now been online for nearly 11 years. In that time we’ve created many unique features that can’t be found on any other PTC / bux site. This week we’ve added some more!

Guaranteed adverts for everyone!
Further to our last update we’re proud to announce that all members, worldwide, are now receiving guaranteed adverts!

Basic (free) members – $1.82 USD worth per year!

Verified ($15) members – $17.87 USD worth per year!

Pro (yearly) members – $23.27 USD worth per year!

Pre-View Adverts!
Basic members are now shown non-paid ads before paid ads to encourage them to upgrade. If Basic members wish to remove pre-views they can exchange points weekly in our new store.
Pre-views are Micro Ads. Every pre-view lasts 10 seconds, so if you have an active Micro Ad campaign your adverts are now being viewed up to twice as long!

Re-View Adverts!
Members can now earn points by browsing ads again. This potentially doubles the amount of views for all campaigns for free! New stats are now available on the ‘Advertise > Text Links’ page.

WordLinx Store!
Members can now trade points for things like upgraded membership and soon prizes, visitors and more! We’ll be adding new items over the next few weeks, so keep checking back!

Tasks coming soon!
We’re currently working with several companies to bring tasks to WordLinx. By July you’ll be able to access a brand new section with offers, jobs and more!
While tasks aren’t unique to WordLinx, we’ll be adding our own twist with cash and points that will make them more rewarding than anywhere else!”

Join WordLinx Here……


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Clicksia & Incentria shut down








These will be my last payment proofs from these fine sites. Ever. After 7 years of paying its members, Clicksia and Incentria have had to shut down. It seems NorthOwl, the sites owner and administrator has had health concerns for a awhile and  things have gotten to a point where the site can no longer be managed. You can read more about the decision here:  http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php/topic,336432.0.html.

I will be sad about the death of Clicksia & Incentria and it drops my list of paid to click sites from 6 to 4. If you are looking for trustworthy paid to click sites to fill the gap left by Clicksia and Incentria, I highly recommend joining one or all of the following sites.


Join Neobux



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Clicksia payment proof 22

Here we are a week later with yet another payment from Clicksia. I still have no difficulties to report as Clicksia has delivered this payment, the same as the other 21, with no questions asked, delays or problems and within 7 days from when I requested the cash out. I continue to be very happy with the way this site works.

Clicksia will remain on my list as one of the best paid to click sites you can join and if you want to earn some extra money online I suggest you do just that, join.

No doubt I will be back next week to share will you all yet another payment from this excellent PTC site.

Click the banner to join for free!


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Clicksia payment proof 21

My payments from Clicksia have started to roll in and here is the first of the payments I have seen after the elite membership. So far I am on target for breaking about even, but I still need more referrals to really profit from my elite membership. There are plenty of ads to click on and great earning opportunities and now that I have recieved my 21st payment with absolutely no issues so far to date, I can still highly recommend this site as being a great paid to click site. It is a particularly good one to start with also as the low $1.00 cashout rate means you will be seeing a balance in your paypal account before too long.

Of course Clicksia is a free site to join so any of you wanting to try it out you will lose nothing by joining and giving it a try for yourself.

Click the banner to join for free!


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Clicksia elite membership

This week I decided to spend some of my earnings on an elite membership from Clicksia. Clicksia is one of the trustworthy paid to click sites I use and I have had 20 payments so far from them. It cost me $5.95 for a one month membership, so I will be wanting to make at least that over the next month in order to break even. Over the previous month I was able to earn $0.34 so in order for the membership to be worth it, I must make at least $6.29 and because there are many, many more ads to click, I would expect to earn considerably more than this if was to continue the membership.

Clicksias elite membership offers the following benifits:

  •  Access to Elite Only PTC Ads,
  • Access to Elite Only Signup Offers,
  • 100% of your Referral’s PTC earnings,
  • 20% of your Referral’s Signup Offer earnings,
  • $0.20 per thousand valid hit for your PTP efforts,
  • 5% bonus of your Referral’s Purchases,
  • Free 2000 Traffic Exchange Credits,
  • Free 2 Banner Rental Days,
  • Free 2 Text ads Rental Days.

Now I will be hoping that my few active referrals click many ads as I will be earning 100% of their earning over the next month. Hopefully you will be seeing 6 or 7 payment proofs over the next month or so and I will be keeping you posted on my progress. If you want you can also join Clicksia through the banner below and we can earn some extra money together.


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More free bitcoin

What is that? you want me to share more ways to get bitcoin for free? Alright, here is another handy one for earning small amounts of bitcoin for free. I have also been using faucet sites for the past month or so and have had several payments, so I feel that these site are now worth trying for a bit of extra BTC. These faucet sites work simply as follows.

You enter your wallet address, enter a captcha then click submit. Your earnings are held in a bitcoin management site called bit chest. After you have reached a determined amount (this will be shown clearly on the site so you know how close you are and is usually very small) the bitcoin is then moved to your bitcoin wallet. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet I use and recommend blockchain.info as one of the best online wallets.

Enough talk now, here are the faucet sites:

Have fun 🙂

Free Bitcoins Fast.com  
Get Bitcoins Quick.com  
Rain Coins  
Smurf Coin  

See my payments or donate here: blockchain.info

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