Clicksia payment proof 20

I can’t believe that I have already received 20 payments from Clicksia. After all this time working with Clicksia, I have no intention of stopping. I have never had any reasons to doubt this site at all.

This site has delivered the more payments than any other paid to click site that I use, the quick and easy to use interface and the low cash out level of $1.00 as well as offering other ‘paid to’ tasks to help with your account balance, it is relatively easy to get to your first payment. In fact I would wager a guess that you would get paid from this site first, if you were to join all the same PTC sites that I use.

If you are not already a member of Clicksia, whether you are an experienced PTC’r or not, I can recommend Clicksia as one of the best in the business.

 Join Clicksia here:


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Earn interest on your Bitcoin

mcxnowA friend of mine introduced me, a few months ago to bitcoin market which offered to pay you interest on any bitcoins that you held with them. So any positive balance of BTC that is in your account will earn you interest, for free.

I opened an account recently to check out the claims for myself. The first thing that I noticed, is that this is an exchange for many different  types of crypto currencies including Litecoin, Feathercoin and Maxcoin. And you will earn interest on any of these coins you hold in your account. According to their site the interest is paid out as follows:

25% of all fees taken by mcxNOW exchanges go towards paying interest on your deposits.

Interest is calculated as (your balance / total held in all users balances)* 25% of fees.

This is paid out every six hours and applies to every currency on the exchange.

I would like to point out, and you will probably know this if you hold any bitcoins or have seen the collapse of the huge exchange Mt. Gox, that bitcoin exchanges are mostly unregulated and therefore very risky (as is bitcoin itself). Exchanges can fail without warning and you may lose your account at anytime. That being said, I personally will be keeping a small amount of bitcoin on mcxNOW to earn interest as I believe the risk to be worth it. I have a bit more faith in this exchange, based on the following taken from the mcxNOW site:

“We don’t use your deposits in any way. mcxNOW doesn’t participate in fractional reserve banking and keeps all deposits sent to it purely in storage for users. The reason to give interest on payments is to encourage more people to use mcxNOW over alternatives, thus generating higher exchange fees and benefiting everyone.”


If you understand the risk inherent in any BTC exchange and would like to try the site out for yourself, you can create your own account below.


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SmileCity payment proof 5

My favourite New Zealand survey site SmileCity has processed my 5th payment and deposited $30.00 into my bank account. I say my favourite NZ site because I have been paid more from this site than any other survey site. My payments from this great site now totals $150.00.

SmileCity is also one of the easiest sites to use simply sign up answer a few questions about yourself and take every survey you can.

I would also recommend joining myopinions as you can transfer points from myopinions to Smilecity. I have never got a single survey offer from myopinions, but they do offer a weekly instant win competition in which you can add to your points. I currently have it set so points are transferred to my SmileCity account every time I have more than 100 points.

Another tip for earning extra from SmileCity is log in at least once a day. There are often short surveys you can answer for a couple of points each day and sometime there are also ads to view. These extra few points each day can help you get to your payment much quicker.

Finally I try to keep as many points in my ‘eBank’ firstly for 3 months as soon as I have over 100 points then I add to the balance any other points that I earn to mature on the same day as the original. The interest earned on these points can also be a big help when trying to get those few extra points before cashout.

Joining the site is free so why not sign up and have a look around. SmileCity

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BuxP payment proof 8

BuxP payment 8 Last week I got paid by BuxP once again. This has been my 8th payment from them and I have made more money from BuxP than any other paid to click site that I use. You will notice that the payment was now made through PayPal. PayPal payments are now available through BuxP which makes me very happy as PayPal is my preferred payment service for paid to click sites. Now I can keep all of my balances in one place.

As always payment from BuxP was easy and caused me no problems at all. I can again recommend this site to anyone looking to earn extra money online. If you have anything to add about this site or have any questions about it or paid to click in general, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out as best as I can. If you new to paid to click in is worth joining a site like BuxP as it has proven to me (8 times so far) to be a trustworthy and paying site. It is one of the easier site to use so is great if you are wanting to start out. Signing up is easy too, you just have to click the link below and enter a few details. Then you can start clicking ads and earning money. It cost absolutely nothing to join so you won’t lose anything from trying it out.

Join me in earning from BuxP here:


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Incentria payment proof 12

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, I have been paid by Incentria and, once again, I received it within 7 days directly into my PayPal account with no issues what so ever.

This makes my 12th payment from incentria and although the payments are each quite small, a dollar here and a dollar there really starts to add up. Because the payment threshold are so easy to reach, you can join and quickly get your own payment proof to show others and use to get more referrals to the site. These small payouts are great to spend on small PTC purchases like rented referrals, ensuring that you aren’t investing any money you haven’t already made.

Again I highly recommend joining this site for either getting into paid to click or adding to your legit paid to click site list if you are already getting paid for your clicks.



Join Incentria

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Free Lotto ticket

LotteryI am not really a big fan of playing lotteries. I just don’t believe that it is a good investment to pay for a long shot at a very big pay off. You will have to spend money in order to even get the smallest chance to get any return.

But I really had to include this offer here, Icelotto is giving away a free ticket if you sign up to their site. Icelotto allows you to play the biggest national lotteries from around the world including the USA PowerBall which at the time of writing this is up to $60 million US dollars. So know you have a chance at a really big win, without spending any money at all.

I can’t really see any reason that you shouldn’t sign up and accept a free ticket.


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Bitvisitor Payment Proof

Great new everyone. BitVisitor is real, legit and paying. I have received my payment in BTC as soon as I reached the payment threshold of 100 µBTC, (= 0.000100BTC).

Now this might seem like a very small number, but with the value of bitcoin being what it is at the time of writing this article this is still worth around $0.07NZD and you can get to the minimum in a fairly short period of time and if the price keeps going up your measly 0.0001 could be worth a lot more in the future.

You can easily view ads in a browser window that does not even have to be active, so you can be earning in the background while doing other things. Add to that the fact that anyone you refer to the site using your bitcoin wallet address will earn for you while they make bitcoins. You will receive half of whatever they earn while they still enjoy earning the full amount. This site is another great way to earn extra online!

Start earning bitcoins by clicking the banner below:



*If you need help to setting up a bitcoin wallet, leave a comment below and I will be happy to help.


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Update: CashCrate payment

I have been in contact with CashCrate regarding the high fees associated with depositing the cheques they use for payment. I sent the following email:

“payments to NZ:

I received my payment check recently with no problems (thank you very much), but upon depositing it in the bank, the teller informed me of the fees involved in depositing a check in USD. The fee is normally $15NZD, which as you can imagine does not leave much left of the payment if the minimum $20.00 is received (around $7.47 US). It is hardly worthwhile after the fee are taken out. Is there any other options for payment that we can use down here?”

And I received the following response from CashCrate support:

“To receive payments by Paypal you must reach silver level on our site and cash at least one check ( ). You can reach silver level by earning a total of $500 or by getting a total of 50 active referrals ( ).

In the meantime if you go to the “My Account” page ( ) you can increase your minimum payout so you can save up the earnings to receive only larger checks to help offset the fees.”

I enquired as to what makes a referral ‘active’ and:

“To count as an “Active” referral a person must be from the US and complete at least one offer ( ).”

This would be a rather easy thing to accomplish, IF I was in the US and advertising to the US market, I have easily gotten 50+ referrals, but almost all are from New Zealand, where there are not many surveys available to complete. By doing the daily surveys for $0.60 each, I was able to get to the minimum payout and if I were to do as suggested and raise my minimum payout to, say $50.00, I would be paying less in fees, but it is hard for me to say that it is worth joining this site the way the payments work. You have to bear in mind that the first $15.00 or so that you earn is irrelevant meaning that you will work for free (or for the banks) for quite sometime before you earn anything.

I am going to discontinue using this site and recommend that anyone from New Zealand not bother joining either unless they are able to attract many US referrals or the payment system changes. I will keep my link here for those of you who are interested in trying it out and of course if you are from the US or are able to deposit US cheques with low fees, this site is an excellent survey site with great earning potential. But for those of us in New Zealand looking to earn extra money online, there are much better options.

Click here to join:



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Neobux payment proof 8

This week I have yet another payment from Neobux to show you. Neobux is still paying instantly, has never once given me any hassle or asked questions over payment.

What’s more, Neobux is one of the best set out, self explanatory and easiest to use sites you can earn money from. Neobux also gives you your first cash out at a measly $2.00 to get you started. After that the cash out increases by a dollar each time until the maximum of $10.00. Don’t worry though by the time you reach that point you will be a paid to click pro.

Once again Neobux has proven itself to be one of the best ptc sites in the business and I am happy to recommend this  site as an easy way to make a few bucks and a great place to start earning some extra money online.

 Join NeoBux:

NeoBux Paid-toClick Service


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CashCrate payment proof 1

I am pleased to report that CashCrate has followed through and delivered my first payment. This time payment has been delivered differently to how I have been paid by other survey sites and I received a check in the mail. The check was filled out to pay me the amount of $22.33 US dollars.

Unfortunately for us, there is a charge for my New Zealand bank to deposit foreign checks and as this amounts to approximately $15NZD, you can imagine that this hardly makes it worth it unless you are depositing checks with larger payments. So for all the work I did, my $22.33 payment was about to be reduced to around $11NZD.

Thankfully the lovely girl at the bank explained to me how this all works and even waived the fee (this time), so I happily was able to get my full payment, but this is no longer going to be an economical way to get paid. I will be in touch with CashCrate over the next couple of days to see if there is another solution that can work for those of us living in NZ. In the mean time you may want to hold off joining CashCrate until I can share that a better payment method has been discovered.

Click here to join:


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