Neobux payment proof 8

This week I have yet another payment from Neobux to show you. Neobux is still paying instantly, has never once given me any hassle or asked questions over payment.

What’s more, Neobux is one of the best set out, self explanatory and easiest to use sites you can earn money from. Neobux also gives you your first cash out at a measly $2.00 to get you started. After that the cash out increases by a dollar each time until the maximum of $10.00. Don’t worry though by the time you reach that point you will be a paid to click pro.

Once again Neobux has proven itself to be one of the best ptc sites in the business and I am happy to recommend this  site as an easy way to make a few bucks and a great place to start earning some extra money online.

 Join NeoBux:

NeoBux Paid-toClick Service


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CashCrate payment proof 1

I am pleased to report that CashCrate has followed through and delivered my first payment. This time payment has been delivered differently to how I have been paid by other survey sites and I received a check in the mail. The check was filled out to pay me the amount of $22.33 US dollars.

Unfortunately for us, there is a charge for my New Zealand bank to deposit foreign checks and as this amounts to approximately $15NZD, you can imagine that this hardly makes it worth it unless you are depositing checks with larger payments. So for all the work I did, my $22.33 payment was about to be reduced to around $11NZD.

Thankfully the lovely girl at the bank explained to me how this all works and even waived the fee (this time), so I happily was able to get my full payment, but this is no longer going to be an economical way to get paid. I will be in touch with CashCrate over the next couple of days to see if there is another solution that can work for those of us living in NZ. In the mean time you may want to hold off joining CashCrate until I can share that a better payment method has been discovered.

Click here to join:


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BuxP new timer


Just a quick head to everyone, my favorite paid to click site, BuxP has changed their ad verification system. I think it works better. You can now simply type the number and press enter as the cursor is default targeted on the text box. You still do not have to wait until the timer reaches zero, so you can enter the number at anytime.

Max, the administrator has made the following announcement:

As you have probably noticed, we have updated our ad visit verification method. Why? Because the new method is compatible with all browsers, loads ads faster, is more secure, logs and is harder to bypass by auto clickers.
We realize that your normal clicking pattern at BUXP is a bit mixed up but if needed we will upgrade the verification method whenever needed to combat people who are not following the rules for earning money on BUXP.
These specific people also ruin the scheme for you: PTC Traffic is not the highest quality kind of traffic compared to Mail, PPC & Search traffic, so we have to maintain a certain standard towards our advertisers in order to keep and increase our market share.
This news message is also a warm shout to all of you: Explore the websites being advertised on our network! It will keep advertisers happy and make them come back for more (= more money for you!)
Receive DOUBLE amount of credits when exchanging your balance into ad credits via the cash out page Offer valid until Friday 24/01 23:59

Stay tuned for more updates!”

BuxP is continuing to improve their site in order to bring you more earnings and as I have stated before, I have earned more from this site than any other paid to click site and I highly recommend signing up for free to at least have a look around and hopefully earn a few extra dollars for yourself.

Join me in earning from BuxP here:


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What are bitcoins?

BitcoinIt seems that everybody else is talking about bitcoins, so I thought I would take some time here to explain a very small amount of the complex world of bitcoins. Bitcoin has been gain in popularity as it’s claim of being the money of the online world seem to be gaining ground with many of its users. Given its new found popularity, I am going to try to simply explain what bitcoins are here.
Bitcoins are a type of virtual currency, it can be imagined as a physical coin represented digitally by a series of mathematical computations. These ‘coins’ are stored at an address that is used by you as a virtual wallet, you are able to take coins from your wallet and transfer them to another wallet. The advantage of Bitcoin is that these ‘money transfers’ can be made very quickly, in large amounts to anywhere in the virtual world for no fees. Compared to more traditional money transfers, this is a massive advantage.
Bitcoins are created (mined) using processing power to solve mathematical problems of huge complexity, these computations are used to verify transfers of other bitcoin users and miners are reward for their effort with a payment in bitcoins.
There will only ever be a certain amount bitcoins available to be mined and after they are all found, there will never be any others brought into existence. As more coins are found the mathematical problems needed to mine more become more complex and require more processing power and time. This carefully engineered situation has created a type of ‘deflationary’ currency. As the demands for coin increases, there are less coins to go around, causing the price to increase and recently the price has been increasing rapidly.

So, how do you get your (virtual) hands on some of these highly sought after coins?

The best way I can see is to buy them and New Zealand has its very own exchange BitNZ. You can sign up with them and after depositing some money you will be able to buy bitcoins on the open market. Instructions are on the site and you can deposit NZD right after you have made an account. As my site tries to teach you how to make money online without extra investment, I will mention bitvisitor which is a site that allows you to get paid in bitcoins for visiting websites. These sites will help you with setting up your very own bitcoin wallet to fill with bitcoins to trade, spend or simply hold as an investment. To create your very own wallet, I recommend

I am unfortunately unable to go into too much more details about bitcoin as this is a very large subject, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to add them to the comments below and either I or another visitor will try to answer them the best we can.
One more word before I finish up, bitcoin is a relatively new area and the transactions at this stage are irreversible, there are limited protections for users. I urge you to take due care with bitcoins and as with anything, never put down money you are not prepared to lose.


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Free stuff site – New admin

FriedaThe part of my site that handles free stuff has been now turned over to a new admin. I unfortunately haven’t had enough time to post updates about free stuff often enough and maintain this website, so I have turned over that part to Frieda. We should be seeing updates from her at least once a week as she enters competitions and orders free samples from the excellent database of free stuff collected from around the internet, Free Stuff My Way.

I hope that you will all have a look at the way the site is being run and make Frieda feel welcome. You may even like to leave a comment in the comment section for her. I feel that she will be able to do a much better job than I as she will be trying to obtain just about anything for free and is happy to talk about her experiences with the products she gets sent for free.

You can visit the site here:

Free Stuff.

Or get your own free samples and offers by joining Free Stuff My Way Here:

Sign up and enter the draw to win $1000.

Free Stuff!


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About Wordlinx

WordLinxBrowseAdsAfter you have signed up for WordLinx clicking is easy. Simply log in to your account and click the browse ads link at the top, you will faced with the the screen above. You may have to skip a message from Wordlinx before you reach this page.

Next, choose and ad link and click on it, it will change to look like this:


Click the little yellow button and a new window or tab will be opened. This will show the ad along with the time in the top of the frame like this:


When the timer has run out, you will need to keep the window active until the timer has finished it’s count down, you will see the following:


Now simply click on the link ‘Remove Frame’ and you will be redirected to the page of the ad. When the redirection has taken place close the window and you will have been paid. You may need to refresh the Browse Ad page to see your new balance. Easy, that is it. Now you know how to do it, sign up for free and try it yourself.

Join WordLinx Here……


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Clicksia payment proof 19

I am pleased to announce that Clicksia has paid me for the 19th time. I have been paid by this site so many times that I have run out of things to say about this fine site.

As I have mentioned several times before in my posts, Clicksia is one to the best paid to click sites I have come across thus far. It has been consistent in the way it has paid me and all 19 time I have requested a cash out I have received the money in my PayPal account within 7 days.

The  site couldn’t be easier to use and with on of the lowest cash out thresholds in the ptc world you will be quickly able to get to the low $1.00 required to claim you money. What is more is that Clicksia is totally free to join so you have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up and trying it out for yourself.

 Join Clicksia here:


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Opini Payment Proof 1


Little known survey site, Opini has paid me for my work answering surveys. I joined this site a few month ago and was impressed with the low cash out of $15.00. This is the lowest i have seen in any survey site and allows one to get their cash out of the site fairly quickly.

The surveys opportunities didn’t really come pouring in, but I was eligible for a few and they were easy to complete and paid reasonably well. Soon I had enough to cash out to PayPal. Opini does not offer a referral program so you will not get any kickback or payment from referring other to their site. This is the one thing I would change if I had my way. Never the less, I am happy to recommend the site and it has been a pleasure to use since I started working with them.

Join Opini by clicking this link:


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Pureprofile payment proof 1

I am pleased to say that Pureprofile has paid me $25.00. This now bumps pureprofile up into a trusted site in my opinion. Pureprofile is a survey site that pays you for your opinion like most other survey sites. You will be presented with surveys based on your profile details and by spending some time (I never had to spend more than 25 minutes) answering questions on a product or service you will be rewarded with real money based on your time.

If you do not qualify for a survey that has been chosen for you, you will still be rewarded a small amount for completing the screening questions. from time to time you may also see advertisements that are worth $0.10 to view.

I haven’t had a torrent of surveys offered to me from Pureprofiles, probably due to living in New Zealand, but never the less, I was able to reach the minimum cash out balance and was paid in a no fuss and timely manner.

I am now happy to recommend Pureprofiles to others and because it is free to join, i believe that everyone should sign up and give it a try.

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About Clicksia and Incentria

Now it is time to have a look at Clicksia and Incentria. As using Incentria is identical to the method used with Clicksia, I shall simply be demonstrating how to click on Clicksia and you can use this same method on both these fine sites.

Clicksia Ads

Pictured above is the view ads page of the site. You are presented with a list of ads to choose from and as with most paid to click sites the time required to view the ads is longer with the higher paying ads. As a general rule for Clicksia and Incentria this is 10 seconds per $0.001. After you have chosen an ad and clicked on it a window (or tab) will pop up showing you the relevant ad within a frame. The top of the frame is a simple timer that looks like this:

Clicksia TimerAfter the green bar reaches the end you will be faced with a terribly difficult human test. (Just kidding, it is very, very easy).

Clicksia Human TestFind and click the upside down picture and you will be rewarded with the following message:

Clicksia EarnedYour account has been increased by the amount stated. Now you may close the page and choose another ad. When your account has reached $1.00, you can cash out. And that is it, that is how you earn on both Clicksia and Incentria.

Both sites are free to join so it is worth signing up and having a go yourself. Sign up by clicking the banners below:


Join Incentria

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