Clicksia payment proof 19

I am pleased to announce that Clicksia has paid me for the 19th time. I have been paid by this site so many times that I have run out of things to say about this fine site.

As I have mentioned several times before in my posts, Clicksia is one to the best paid to click sites I have come across thus far. It has been consistent in the way it has paid me and all 19 time I have requested a cash out I have received the money in my PayPal account within 7 days.

The  site couldn’t be easier to use and with on of the lowest cash out thresholds in the ptc world you will be quickly able to get to the low $1.00 required to claim you money. What is more is that Clicksia is totally free to join so you have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up and trying it out for yourself.

 Join Clicksia here:


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Opini Payment Proof 1


Little known survey site, Opini has paid me for my work answering surveys. I joined this site a few month ago and was impressed with the low cash out of $15.00. This is the lowest i have seen in any survey site and allows one to get their cash out of the site fairly quickly.

The surveys opportunities didn’t really come pouring in, but I was eligible for a few and they were easy to complete and paid reasonably well. Soon I had enough to cash out to PayPal. Opini does not offer a referral program so you will not get any kickback or payment from referring other to their site. This is the one thing I would change if I had my way. Never the less, I am happy to recommend the site and it has been a pleasure to use since I started working with them.

Join Opini by clicking this link:


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Pureprofile payment proof 1

I am pleased to say that Pureprofile has paid me $25.00. This now bumps pureprofile up into a trusted site in my opinion. Pureprofile is a survey site that pays you for your opinion like most other survey sites. You will be presented with surveys based on your profile details and by spending some time (I never had to spend more than 25 minutes) answering questions on a product or service you will be rewarded with real money based on your time.

If you do not qualify for a survey that has been chosen for you, you will still be rewarded a small amount for completing the screening questions. from time to time you may also see advertisements that are worth $0.10 to view.

I haven’t had a torrent of surveys offered to me from Pureprofiles, probably due to living in New Zealand, but never the less, I was able to reach the minimum cash out balance and was paid in a no fuss and timely manner.

I am now happy to recommend Pureprofiles to others and because it is free to join, i believe that everyone should sign up and give it a try.

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About Clicksia and Incentria

Now it is time to have a look at Clicksia and Incentria. As using Incentria is identical to the method used with Clicksia, I shall simply be demonstrating how to click on Clicksia and you can use this same method on both these fine sites.

Clicksia Ads

Pictured above is the view ads page of the site. You are presented with a list of ads to choose from and as with most paid to click sites the time required to view the ads is longer with the higher paying ads. As a general rule for Clicksia and Incentria this is 10 seconds per $0.001. After you have chosen an ad and clicked on it a window (or tab) will pop up showing you the relevant ad within a frame. The top of the frame is a simple timer that looks like this:

Clicksia TimerAfter the green bar reaches the end you will be faced with a terribly difficult human test. (Just kidding, it is very, very easy).

Clicksia Human TestFind and click the upside down picture and you will be rewarded with the following message:

Clicksia EarnedYour account has been increased by the amount stated. Now you may close the page and choose another ad. When your account has reached $1.00, you can cash out. And that is it, that is how you earn on both Clicksia and Incentria.

Both sites are free to join so it is worth signing up and having a go yourself. Sign up by clicking the banners below:


Join Incentria

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Incentria payment proof 11

Incentria payment 11Here is my latest payment from Incentria. This is the 11th time I have been paid and yet again, I can say that there was absolutely no problem getting my cash out from this fine paid to click site.

Clicking ads on this site is as easy as can be, simply choose an ad, click on it, wait for the timer to run out and solve the human test. Immediately, the promised money appears in your Incentria account. Once this balance reaches $1.00, you can withdraw it into your PayPal account like I have.

It is as simple as that, and Incentria has one of the lowest cash out thresholds of all the paid to click sites so it is easy to prove to yourself by clicking everyday until you reach $1.00 in your account. It is also free to join, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out for yourself.


Join Incentria

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About ClixSense


Today we will have a look at how to click ads on ClixSense. This is pretty straight forward and works in a similar way to most paid to click sites. After you have signed up to ClixSense (for free, remember.) and click on the ‘veiw ads’ button located at the top of the page, under your user name and account balance, you will be shown the screen above. This shows you the ads that are currently available for you to view, how long you must view it for and finally the amount you will be credited after the timer runs out. To earn, you simply choose and click one of these advertisements.


After you have clicked one of the ads, a new window/tab will open with the human test shown above. All you have to do is look at the pictures, find the cat and click on it. Pretty easy if you ask me, but for some reason I always instinctively try to click on the cutest dog.


Next the ad is displayed in a frame with the above timer showing you how long you have to view the ad, simply wait until the timer runs out (usually 3-15 seconds depending how much the ad is worth) and then you are shown the graphic shown below.


And now the money has been credited to your account. Usually there is a picture of a coin rather than Santa, but at the time of my writing this, it is almost Christmas. Nice touch, ClixSense. Ok, now you know how, sign up to ClixSense below it is totally free!

Click Here To Join:


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SmileCity payment proof 4

I am happy to announce that SmileCity has paid me once again. SmileCity is a great way for New Zealander to earn some extra money online by filling out surveys and entering great competitions. SmileCity also has a great rewards system that credits you with points for shopping online with their numerous partners.

I make most of my points from surveys, but you can also bank your points to earn interest and you get extra for referring others to join SmileCity as well. I find it easy to refer others as SmileCity is the most profitable survey site I have used and I have already earned $120 from them.

Remember that SmileCity is a NZ only site, so you will be eligible for most of the surveys offered and you don’t have to compete for a place in the survey with others from other parts of the world. So, once again I am happy to recommend SmileCity as a great site to earn extra money and it is totally free to join.

 Join SmileCity for Free!



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About BuxP

BuxP ads

Once you have joined and signed into BuxP, you can view their advertisements page which looks just like pictured above. (I have clicked most of the ads before I took the screen shot, you will most probably see far more ads then this.) To view a particular ad, simply click the link at the bottom of the box marked “visit”. This will open up another page or tab with the advertisement inside a frame. Some ads are worth more than others, I usually see ads worth $0.001 – $0.005. At the top of the frame you will see the following timer:

BuxP Clicked Ad

This is a simple human test, to earn your reward click on the correct color/letter combination, in this case ->’B’, before or soon after the timer has run out. The timer is either 10 or 30 seconds depending on how much the ad is worth.  The frame will then change after the timer has run out and the correct answer has been selected and you will be presented with the next frame:

BuxP Credited

Boom! That is it! Your account has just been credited with the amount the ad was worth and you will return to the advertisements page as seen at the top of this post. Repeat this method for all the ads you see, and return to the advertisement page often as ads are constantly being added throughout the day.

One thing to be aware of is the anti-cheat link at the bottom of the page. It looks just like an ad, but it clearly warns you not to click it. If you click on this ad your account balance may be reset to zero. A picture of the anti cheat link is pictured below.BuxPs anticheat linkNow you have seen it, DON’T CLICK IT!

And there you have it, this is all you need to start earning extra money online with BuxP, but you first have to sign up. It is totally free so give it a go by clicking the banner below.

Join me in earning from BuxP here:



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Earn extra with BuxP ClickReward

I have been noticing an increase in the number of time I have won ClickRewards recently so I thought this week I would share with you what I have won. ClickRewards were introduced by BuxP a while ago now as an incentive to click on more ads. This reward system is similar to others I have seen on other paid to click sites. The prizes, however, seem to be a lot more interesting on BuxP.

Basically, ClickRewards rewards active users randomly with a prize. You can increase your chances in many ways including viewing ads, viewing videos (both YouTube and Vidmeo), completing offers or by completing surveys. The prizes you may receive are as follows:

  • Lottery tickets
  • Jackpot cells
  • Traffic Exchange credits
  • Referrals (1 & 5 packages)
  • Premium Membership (weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Balance Money (from $0.01 to $1)

First ClickReward

My 1st win was a lottery ticket. I have not used BuxP lottery very much so I used the ticket to enter straight away. The lottery runs weekly with 10 referral for 1st prize, 4 referral for 2nd prize and 1 referral for 3rd prize. Unfortunately I won nothing this time :(.

ClickReward 2

My second prize was a referral! Excellent prize as referrals are hard to come by and I am always pleased when I get another direct referral.


My third prize was 100 Traffic Exchange Credits. These are not as valuable as advertising credits, but still very useful as I can use these to expose others to my site. I will use these to try and get more referrals to other paid to click sites that I use.


The most recent, my 4th win has rewarded me with $1.00! This prize is pretty much self explanatory. Who would turn down a free dollar? I am now a $1.00 closer to reaching my minimum cashout.

So, as you can see the ClickReward has proven to be a  generous and useful addition to the BuxP site. ClickReward is now another reason to sign up with BuxP for free and start earning money online.

Join me in earning from BuxP here:



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Results of Clixsense advertising

ClixGrid statisticsI have now completed my month of advertising and am ready to share with you the results of advertising on Clixsense ClixGrid.

Over the month I advertised with Clixsense, I was sent 24,474 hits, most (20,964) were unique. This equates to a huge 815 hit per day from Clixsense. The URL was a page giving the benefits of joining some of my favorite paid to click sites in hope to gain some referrals signing up under me. Other paid to click sites are great places to get referrals as the users you expose your ad to are already involved in paid to click and may be open to joining other programs if given a good enough reason to.

I set up my page with my most desired programs at the top and got referrals as shown below:

BuxP         –    9
Neobux     –    5
Clicksia    –     3
Incentria    –    1
Wordlinx  –      2

Total      –     20

I recieved some other referrals, but I can’t one hundred percent confirm that they came from this advertising campaign so have left them out. Now this may not seem a lot of referrals, but I expect these ones to be fairly active, as they are from users of Clixsense, so the understand already how paid to click works.

I paid $20.00 to advertise for 30 days and so ($20.00/20) = $1.00 per referral. Many sites you cannot buy referrals from and those that you can ($1.50 from BuxP) cost more than this. So all in all, I am happy with the results of this round of advertising and will be doing it again in the future.

If you have a campaign that requires a lot of traffic (mainly unqualified) for approximately $0.0008 per visit. I highly recommend advertising with Clixsense, especially on their ClixGrid game.

 Click Here To Join:



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