Earn extra money for free – part 2

cropped-Gold.jpgAfter you have a website to use as a base of operations, you should now be focused on getting payment proofs to show that the sites that you are using and promoting actually pay and aren’t a bunch of scams you are pushing just to make a buck. In the long run your traffic audience should trust you. If you are just trying to get a few dollars for the short term you won’t be able to continue earning on line after everyone realizes that you are lying to them.

The first thing you should do on your page is introduce yourself and tell everyone what you are trying to do, you will attract people who are trying to do the same and these are the people that you want as they are the people who will sign up to programs that you use. The most effective way to convince people to sign up is to show them your success. Again, be honest, you will be considered untrustworthy if you inflate your earnings and your referrals are unable to get the same results as you.

Get payments from sites as soon as you reach the minimum to cash out. Get as many payments as you can, even if they are small at first. I use payment proof, such as a screen shot of my PayPal account, to prove that the programs I use do actually pay. Of course remember to censor/blur out and personally identifiable details so that unscrupulous types can’t get their hands on your hard earned dollars. Spread these payment proofs far and wide, with your referral link and link back to your ‘home base’ website.

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My Opinions Payment proof 2

myopinions payment 2 2016Not too long after the first payment, here is my second. My Opinions continues to be a trustworthy and paying survey site. Almost exactly like smilecity, no doubt because run by the same company, My Opinions seems in my case to have more surveys. This allows me to get more payment proofs to show to you readers. Not the best survey site in my opinion, but if you are going to join several sites as I have suggested in the past, this site is most certainly one that you will want on your list.


    Join myopinions for free


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Earning Update – June 2016

EarningUpdateJune2016June was another poor month, fell right back to where I was in April after Mays successes. I very nearly broke even after hosting though and July is already shaping up to be better than June. I did receive one payment of $20.00 from myopinions though so that is definitely a big help. Will post the payment proof next week.

  •  PTC earning.
Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $0.81 0 1
Clixsense $1.39 0 1
BuxP $0.27 0 3
Wordlinx $0.07 0 0

Total – $2.54USD = $3.52NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $0.60
MyOpinion $5.18
spidermetrix $0.17
Pure Profile $4.20
opini $0.75

Total – $10.90NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $0.80NZD

Affiliate advertising – $0.00NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $17.55NZD

  • Total earning: $15.22
  • Payments received: $20.00
  • Total –> $15.22 – $17.08(hosting) = -$1.86NZD earned
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Earn extra money for free

cropped-Gold.jpgUnfortunately most people don’t think about earning extra money online until they are in a tight money position, but this is exactly the time when earning extra online is hardest. Ideally you would be able to put a bit of money towards your earning potential at the beginning, however you can earn a bit of money online without putting any money in at all. It will take much longer and the earnings will generally be lower, but you can make a start for free and gradually re-invest what you have earned to create more earnings in your future.

You will want to start by getting a ‘base of operations’. This will be a place to send internet traffic to sell to or get traffic to sign up to a certain program. Again if you have some spare money to put in I would highly recommend creating a website using your a hosting company and buying an unique URL. this will generally give you a better yield in traffic, but if you do not have any extra money to put into venture there are free options. Including wordpress, hubpages, neocities or even a Facebook page. Do some research there are plenty of website that will allow you make a free site on their domain. The last thing you should do, if you have a need of money, is to spend what you do have on magic bean get rich quick ventures. That money is better spent on daily needs. If you want to make some extra money then invest time, not money.

Part 2 -> Here.

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How to make more money from online survey sites

Online Survey site nzGetting to your minimum cash out point on online survey sites can be one of the most challenging things you will face when starting out and many give up and quit before they see even one dollar from filling out online surveys for extra money. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of online survey sites.



Join a selection of sites

It can often be hard to find enough surveys to make any decent amount of income and I personally find it hard to make anymore than a small supplement to my main income. New Zealand has a much smaller base to work from many site are only interested in US or UK respondents. Make sure you join several sites in order to hedge your bets and get the maximum number of surveys to complete and absolutely do your research to make sure the site you sign up with actually pays and is not a scam. Also check that the site pays you in a currency that you can use. Set up a PayPal account in order to make sure you can accept both NZ and US dollars. If you are living in NZ, there is a list of sites I use to help get you started at the bottom of this post.

Fill out your profile to the fullest

The more the survey site knows about you, the most targeted surveys it will be able to deliver to you. Some sites even offer payment for filling your profile out completely.

Be Honest

There is no point for either you or the survey data collector for you to lie about your details in order to try and get more surveys. If you are a 21 year old non smoking man you could end up filling out a survey about smoking or tampons and not be able to answer honestly. this actually takes up more time in the long run as you struggle to get through question you know nothing about. Be honest and keep the good name online survey respondents. We all may be paid more, if companies don’t have to waste time rummaging through false or made up answers.

Check back everyday

New Surveys can appear and get filled up quickly. You should log in and check one a day to see if there is anything new for you.

Refer your friends

If you are with a site that is generous enough to offer reward for bringing your friends to their platform, take advantage of it, I have found it is one of the easiest ways to make extra money from these sites while allowing others to earn a bit of cash too.

Don’t waste your time

Sometimes you will get a survey that is just way too long or offers you a tiny reward for your time, don’t bother with these surveys, your time is better spent somewhere else. Most site do take the reward – time balance seriously and you should see this too often.

Hopefully you were able to get something from these tips and you are able to increase your online survey earnings. As promised, below are a list of sites that I use. I am based in New Zealand, so these sites may not be available to every country.








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Bitcoin increase in price

bit coin increaseI hope you have all gathered as much Bitcoin as you have been able to in the months leading up until now. The price of bitcoin has increased quite dramatically, most exchanges are showing an increase in price of 30% in the past month. At time of my writing this, Bitcoins have been sold on bitnz for $1000 NZD.
Value has tripled in value in just one year.
This means all of those satoshi you have picked up from freebitco.in or other faucet sites have become much more valuable without you lifting a finger. If you had gathered $100 worth of Bitcoin last year, then stopped and did nothing for 1 year, you would have tripled the value of bitcoin to $300. That is $200 in one year for doing absolutely nothing.
Of course bitcoin is an extremely volatile and dangerous investment and I wouldn’t put any money into it at all, unless you are prepared for the possibility of losing it all. If, however, you are able to get BTC from a faucet site for free, your risk is basically $0.00 you are spending only the time that you have to spare. If you spare a few moments each day, then I would highly recommend joining a BTC faucet site. I use freebitco.in because I can earn commission from referring others, increasing the amount that drips into my bitcoin wallet even more.
start gathering bitcoin in your wallet with freebitco.in

Free Bitcoin

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Earning Update – May 2016

EarningUpdateMay2016 That looks better. I have begun to move in the right direction. Not only did I manage to pay for all of my hosting costs this month, I actually was able to make a nice little earning. You can see by the graph that things are definitely heading in the right direction now.


  •  PTC earning.
Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $1.00 0 2
Clixsense $1.94 0 1
BuxP $0.55 6.90 5
Wordlinx $0.07 0 1

Total – $3.56USD = $5.31NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $0.90
MyOpinion $9.15
spidermetrix $0.67
Pure Profile $13.15
opini $0.00

Total – $23.87NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $2.14NZD

Affiliate advertising – $50.00NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $17.55NZD

  • Total earning: $81.32
  • Payments received: $6.95
  • Total –> $81.32 – $17.55(hosting) = $63.77NZD earned
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PureProfile is back

PureprofileLast week, suddenly without warning, I received an email from Pureprofile informing me that there is a survey for me to fill out. I had pretty much given up on this particular survey site, as it has been over a year since I have earned anything form them and I haven’t heard from them in as about as long.

Of course I was curious and clicked through to the survey which I completed and found a few more to fill out. In fact I made $8.90 over the next two days from Pureprofile. I don’t know if this means that Pureprofile is back up and running after a time away or if they have found more NZ surveys for us to fill out, but I thought I would give everyone a heads up, this site seems to be offering some surveys to New Zealand members for the time being at least. You can join Pureprofile for free by clicking the banner below.


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BuxP payment proof 11

BuxP 2016 payment

Hi all, BuxP has paid me for the 11th time. This time  had to confirm my email address and wait a massive 30 days as the payment cycle needed to roll over again, but most payments so far have been instant so I am willing to overlook this this time. Once the confirmation was out of the way with, the payment arrived in my PayPal account just as BuxP said it would. So again BuxP has proved to be a trustworthy site and I recommend it should you be looking to start working with paid to click programs or add this great site to the PTC sites you already use. Sign up using the banner below, it is totally free so you may as well have a look around.

Join me in earning from BuxP here:


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Earning Update – April 2016


Ok, so this month was worse than last month! My advertiser is still on a break, meaning I am not really getting any income from my other pages. I did track down and contact another advertiser that would have suited the exact same market I was looking for, but after and email exchange of endless questions about 16 messages deep, I decided that they didn’t really seem to want my business, even thought they were looking for NZ traffic related exactly to my other page and I know that I was able to deliver them some very tasty highly qualified traffic. Disappointing.

So May begins with me looking at another advertiser as a 2 month break is too long to have a paused campaign in my opinion and it is time to move on. There are a few sites I want to check out this month also as it look as if there could be some profit to be made there. Will continue to keep you posted and wish me luck in getting back to earning.

  •  PTC earning.
Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $0.96 0 6
Clixsense $1.38 0 1
BuxP $1.04 0 3
Wordlinx $0.17 0 0

Total – $3.55USD = $5.06NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $0.30
MyOpinion $1.25
spidermetrix $0.66
Pure Profile $0.00
opini $4.80

Total – $7.01NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $0.08NZD

Affiliate advertising – $0.00NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $18.03NZD

  • Total earning: $12.15
  • Payments received: $0.00
  • Total –> $12.15 – $18.03(hosting) = $-5.88NZD earned.
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