Online earning update October 2015

Displaying EarningsOctober.pngYou will be able to see the story of what has happened this month by the end of the article. it has been a slow month for me in the earnings department as a lot of time is still taken up trying to recover my money from PayPal and I am sad to say that I had lost a bit of motivation during the month of October. You will see how my earnings have started to drop off. I am moving on to next month now with renewed purpose and I am happy to say that there will be many payments to come in November, so check back soon for some more good news.

  •  PTC earning.


Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $1.30 0 2
Clixsense $4.21 1 6
BuxP $0.79 0 2
Wordlinx $0.20 0 1

Total – $6.50USD = $9.76NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $10.90
MyOpinion $7.18
spidermetrix $5.00
Pure Profile $0.00
opini $0.00

Total – $23.08NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $0.24NZD

Affiliate advertising – $53.00NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $14.82NZD

  • Total earning: $86.08
  • Payments received: $7.85
  • Total –> $86.08 – $14.82(hosting) = $71.26NZD earned.
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News from SmileCity

The good news…

Smilecity has added the option to cash out you points into your PayPal account. this is excellent news that many have been waiting for. There has been no way of cashing out your points since SmileCity was acquired by Survey Sampling International a few months ago. You will have to have a balance of 2000 to cash out $20.00 which means that all points are now worth a bit more than they used to be. Now points are worth one cent each. more good news for those of us who have points in our account.

Now that SmileCity is associated with a large group of survey sites, I have noticed an increase in the frequency of surveys meaning that you will be able to earn more by spending more time filling out surveys.

And now the bad…

As part of their changes I have also noticed that the ‘refer a friend’ option has been changed drastically. Now you can earn a MAXIMUM of $5.00 from referring a MAXIMUM of 5 friends who use your referral link and complete a survey. I was earning a significant amount from referring people to SmileCity and thought we were enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship, only to have it changed without notification. I have emailed them regarding there new decision and I got the usual ‘copy and pasted’ email from the site. Looks as though the customer service of this site still leaves a lot to be desired. The text of our communications are as follows:

“Question:I notice that you have changed the rewards for referring others to your site. Previously i was rewarded with 200 points for everyone I referred (that continued to use the site and earned 400 points for themselves). As you can probably see from my account, I was referring many new users to sign up to SmileCity. On average, about 30 a month from memory. The changes you have made suggest, after I have earned the first $5.00, i will no longer be rewarded for referring others in any way. Is that right? Is there any other referral program you can offer to someone in my position so we can both continue to enjoy what I considered a fruitful relationship?”

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Refer A Friend programme gives you the opportunity to refer new members to our survey community and earn extra points to your account.  You can obtain your unique Refer-a-friend link in your account.  Please note that you can only receive referral points to a maximum of (5) successful referrals.  Each referral has the opportunity to earn $1 worth of points.  

You are only eligible to receive these referral points if:
1. The member signed up using the referral link you provided.  If they signed up directly from the website, you will not be eligible to receive your referral points.
2. The referral has completed their first client survey (PRJ).  Note that Profile Surveys do not count in this programme.

If your referral successfully completed their first survey, please allow 1-2 weeks for the referral points to be credited to your account.  

Thank you.

Best regards,
SmileCity Member Service Team


Thank you SmileCity Member Service Team,

this is the same information that is already on your site. I am looking for information specific to what I outlined in my message. Can you direct me to someone that can help?



Russ Benk

At time of writing, 3 days have past and I have not received an answer yet. If this one change was resolved, I would continue to recommend SmileCity as the best survey site available to kiwis, but for now it has faded into just another generic survey site.
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Online earning update September 2015

The end of last month and the beginning of this one has been very hectic. I am still wrestling with PayPal, but it looks now as though i will be able to recover all of my money that they stole. The amount of documents and communications I have had to supply them makes me wonder if this is some sort of blackmail scheme to extort peoples personal details from them. But that is likely the conspiracy theorist in me, thinking to hard about it. Well it does look like I am back on track and will be able to focus my attention on earning extra money online again and here is my earning report for last month, I know it is a little late, but all of the administrative combat has robbed me of time also. I have many payments waiting for me to claim and you will be seeing them in the next few weeks as I have gotten myself back on track.

  •  PTC earning.


Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $1.73 0 0
Clixsense $4.12 0 4
BuxP $0.55 0 1
Wordlinx $0.10 0 0

Total – $7.40USD = $10.99NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $10.59
MyOpinion $3.91
spidermetrix $0.17
Pure Profile $0.00
opini $1.65

Total – $16.32NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $0.10NZD

Affiliate advertising – $109.00NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $15.47NZD

  • Total earning: $136.41
  • Payments received: $0.00
  • Total –> $177.16 – $15.47(hosting) = $120.94NZD earned.
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Dropping PureProfile

I have not recieved a survey invitation from pureprofile for at least 1 year and am not making any money from it. I am not sure what has happened as my account is up to date with all of my profile information and I am still getting survey invitation from other sites, so I am not sure what the problem is.

I am going to save the extra couple of minutes logging on everyday and use it for something a little more productive, like maybe persuing PayPal. I will keep my account open and if they email me with a survey I will complete it. I feel like you need to make the call especially when trying to earn extra money online. There are so many programs and option out there around the internet promising the moon. You need to be picky when deciding what to work on or continue working on.

I would be curious to know if any of you others out there are getting surveys from Pureprofile. Anyone still making money with this site? Anyone in New Zealand getting surveys? Let me know in the comments if you are.

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Online Earning update August 2015

  • Submitted documents to PayPal

I have managed to acquire and submit the documents PayPal has demanded from me, in order for me to have full control of my account again. I have put off making any cash out requests this month until I can get full access to my account again. Hopefully this will be over the next few days and I can start posting more payment proof next month.

  • Tentatively starting using SmileCity again

I finally got a message from SmileCity support, which didn’t answer my question, but did give me a small amount of confidence in the site because support is still being given. Basically the response didn’t address the lack of payment options. But as gift cards have been and continue to be available I decided to continue with this site for a bit longer in the hopes that they make good with the vague promise of PayPal option in the ‘coming months’. The time away from SmileCity shows in the smaller profits from them this month.

  •  PTC earning.


Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $1.25 0 2
Clixsense $7.33 0 2
BuxP $0.44 0 4
Wordlinx $0.33 0 0

Total – $9.35USD = $14.88NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $6.41
MyOpinion $1.90
spidermetrix $0.67
Pure Profile $0.00
opini $4.20

Total – $13.18NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $0.10NZD

Affiliate advertising – $149.00NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $15.41NZD

  • Total earning: $177.16
  • Payments received: $0.00
  • Total –> $177.16 – $15.41(hosting) = $161.750NZD earned.



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Response from SmileCity

It seems that SmileCity isn’t dead yet. 17 days after I made a support request regarding the disabled payments, SmileCity have responded with the following email:

Thank you for your email.
For the full list of available redemption options, please kindly visit our redemption page:
SmileCity Member Service Team”

I had already checked this page, but returned to see if there has been any change.

There are 3 options to choose on the ‘redeem’ page. The first called ‘Instant Cash Out’ allows you to exchange your points for a Flexi eGift cards that you can choose to spend at Domino’s, JB hi-fi, iTunes, Event Cinema or ticketmaster ONLY. As I am trying to earn money not gift/prizes, I would prefer not to use this option.

The second option is labelled ‘Traditional Cash Out’ and is the option I have been using for the past 12 payments without a problem, now there is the message: “As part of the recent change in corporate structure of SmileCity, we regret to inform you that cash out via EFT bank transfer is no longer available. Instead we are working to add PayPal as a cash out option in the coming months.” So that option is also out.

The third option is ‘Charity’. Nice idea, but also not what I am after.

After following the advice given to me in SmileCity’s rather vague email, I have determined that there are still no payment options available from SmileCity. The closest you can get is a Flexi eGift, which may be a decent option if you are after a little gift from doing surveys, but not really ‘money’ as such.

It is encouraging however, that support is still open even it it does take 17 days to get a response. I will be using SmileCity again now in the hope that the PayPal cash out option mentioned will be coming in the next few month. If not, who knows maybe I will get enough points to get a PS4 from JB hi-fi. This could take sometime though. I will open my links to SmileCity again, but I do caution that only giftcards are currently available.

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Online Earning update July 2015

It has been a busy month and I wish I could say that it was due to all of the money rolling in, but much of my time has been taken up chasing up poor customer service.

  • Problems with PayPal

About halfway through this month, PayPal asked me for more identity proof. This account was created when I was living in Australia and the Australian government forces PayPal to comply with Australian Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing laws. Seems Australia believes that if you have money online, you are either laundering money or funding terrorism. ‘Straya!  Mostly not an issue for me except that I no longer live in Australia and cannot change my address to one in NZ. Support tickets were merely answered with automated FAQ emails and it wasn’t until I publicly asked question on Twitter, that I got some satisfactory answers. I am still getting the information together and my account has now been limited. I can no longer use my funds to pay anyone. I would happily use another service, but PayPal has such a monopoly that they can treat their customers how they see fit.

  • SmileCity no longer paying

SmileCity was acquired by  Survey Sampling International (SSI) LLC on July 1st 2015, and a few changes followed. Probably the most relevant of these was the closure of the direct bank deposit cash out. In an email I received on the 2nd of July: “Another great benefit we will be adding is PayPal to replace the bank cash out option. 30th June the bank cash out option was closed on the Smile City website. We will work towards launching PayPal over the coming months and keep you updated when it’s ready.” 

SmileCity removed the payment option before emailing to tell me it was removed. This prevents me from requesting a cash out as it was removed without warning. Adding a PayPal option is an excellent alternative, except it isn’t available yet (they are working towards it in ‘coming months’ whatever that means…). There is currently no way to get your money out of this site. PayPal would be a good alternative to direct deposit and I wish they had worked this out before removing it, instead we cannot be paid until maybe in the “coming months”. This does not exactly fill me with great confidence.  Note that gift cards are still available, however.

Even more concerning is the lack of support. I have used the contact us support field to ask about payment and have received no response. It has been a week. I even tried to contact SSI directly and received no response again. I am still looking for other ways to make contact with someone (anyone), but I have tried all of the readily found support methods.

Although I have had a great relationship with them up until July 1st, I would NOT recommend joining SmileCity anymore, at least until there is a way to be paid. If you are already a member, I would recommend trying to contact them and ceasing all activity on their site until these issues are addressed.

  • Earnings

It hasn’t all been bad news this month as earning have still continued and as long as I am able to restore my PayPal account, things are still going quite well.

  •  PTC earning.


Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $0.94 0 4
Clixsense $4.87 0 7
BuxP $0.58 0 2
Wordlinx $0.34 0 1

Total – $6.73USD = $10.25NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $30.62
MyOpinion $3.20
spidermetrix $0.67
Pure Profile $0.00
opini $0.90

Total – $35.90NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $0.04NZD

Affiliate advertising – $150.00NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $15.15NZD

  • Total earning: $196.15
  • Payments received: $30.00
  • Total –> $196.15 – $15.15(hosting) = $181.00NZD earned.

This is down on last month as there were several days this month that I did nothing at all. Lost valuable earning time chasing up poor customer service. Still happy with an extra $181.00 this month though.

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SmileCity Payment Proof 12

SmileCity PaymentHere is my 12th payment from SmileCity. This one does not come without concerns, however and I wonder if it will be my last. As you may or may not have heard, SmileCity is in the process of making some changes and, 2 days ago went I went to make another request for a payment, I found another more serious change. Upon opening the traditional cash out page as I normally do, I was greeted by this message:

“As part of the recent change in corporate structure of SmileCity, we regret to inform you that cash out via EFT bank transfer is no longer available. Instead we are working to add PayPal as a cash out option in the coming months.”

I immediately clicked the contact button and asked what options I now have to withdraw my money. It has been 2 days so far and I have heard nothing. I fear that the ‘contact us’ field is no longer monitored as mentioned in a comment was submitted to my site, last time I posted a payment proof:


not any more, and they wont answer my request to find out why.

I followed up the comment asking for more details, but didn’t think much about it until now. Linsay may have found this problem before I did.

I will continue chasing up SmileCity and will let you all know if I get a response, I find it hard to believe that  Survey Sampling International LLC has acquired SmileCity just to run it’s name into the ground, so maybe we will get some answers soon. In the mean time I will do no more surveys through SmileCity until this has been sorted out. Furthermore, I do NOT recommend joining SmileCity until this has been resolved.

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How do I change country on PayPal account?

The simplest answer to this question is you can’t. PayPal either cannot or will not allow you to change the country you first registered with. I have emailed PayPal on how to change the country stated on my account and I received an apparently automated FAQ list response based on my subject. Clicking through to the most relevant question, I found the following information:

B. How do I change my address from one country to another?

When you move to another country, you need to close your old PayPal account and create a new account using your new address.

If you have addresses in both countries, you can keep your old PayPal account and create a new one, but only one of your accounts can be a Premier or Business account. You’ll need to use different email addresses for each account. An email address can’t be registered to two separate PayPal accounts.

Here’s how to close your old PayPal account:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click on the Profile icon at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click Profile and settings.
  4. Click My settings.
  5. Click Close account in the “Account type” section.
  6. Follow the steps listed.

After you close your account, any transactions that are in progress are cancelled. We’ll send any remaining balance in your old PayPal account to your bank account. If you don’t have a bank account on your PayPal account, we’ll send a cheque to the address on your account.

Here’s how to create a new PayPal account:

  1. Go to the PayPal website.
  2. Click Sign Up at the top of the page.
  3. Select your country or region and your language.
  4. Select the type of account you want to create, and then click Get Started.
  5. Enter your information, and then click Agree and Create Account.

After you’ve confirmed your email address, you can use your new PayPal account.”

Great. I have been advised that I must close my account If I have moved country, but I still did not have an answer to how the change the country stated on my account. I replied to them asking again if there was anyway to change the account to reflect that I am living in New Zealand. That was 13 days ago and I am still waiting for a reply.

I then decided to find the information for myself and after spending a night scouring the internet for an answer, I found many similar stories indicating that this is a common problem, if you move to a different country, PayPal requests that you close your account with them and make another. No one I found had a solution.

It seems strange that a modern internet payment provider could not or would not allow for their account holders to move to a different country, and as my email had gone unanswered, I tried a different tact and sent them a tweet asking why one could not change their country. This time I got a decent reply:

“Hi Russ, there are different features available in the countries we support and the majority of your information would (more)”

“need to be updated. That’s why when you move to a different location, you should open a new PayPal account. Thanks!”

So, in summary, PayPal cannot/will not allow your to change the country in your account and if you need help try @AskPayPal on twitter rather than going through the support email.

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Some changes to SmileCity

SmileCitySmileCity, New Zealand’s largest and in my opinion best, survey site has been acquired by Survey Sampling International LLC on July 1st 2015. There have already been a few changes that I thought I would take the time to mention here today.

Firstly, the ‘ebank’ feature has been disabled. All points currently deposited are still there and will mature and earn interest as normal, but no new deposits are accepted as of the 30th of June.

The prize draw also seem to have been disabled while SmileCity makes the transition. It is unclear if or when this will return. I never won anything on this draw so am not too concerned by this change.

On the plus side, however, SmileCity claims to be  able to offer its users more survey opportunities because of the larger network that it is now part of. Already a button has been added to the front page of users account offering extra surveys to complete (paid of course), if there are no survey invitations available. I have yet to qualify for one of these, but it is very early days yet and it is too early to see how the changes affect its users in the future.

I will continue to monitor this site and hopeful will be able to continue earning extra money from this great site. I will continue to keep you readers up to date with any further changes.

You can join the site for free by clicking the banner below. 


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