SmileCity Payment Proof 12

SmileCity PaymentHere is my 12th payment from SmileCity. This one does not come without concerns, however and I wonder if it will be my last. As you may or may not have heard, SmileCity is in the process of making some changes and, 2 days ago went I went to make another request for a payment, I found another more serious change. Upon opening the traditional cash out page as I normally do, I was greeted by this message:

“As part of the recent change in corporate structure of SmileCity, we regret to inform you that cash out via EFT bank transfer is no longer available. Instead we are working to add PayPal as a cash out option in the coming months.”

I immediately clicked the contact button and asked what options I now have to withdraw my money. It has been 2 days so far and I have heard nothing. I fear that the ‘contact us’ field is no longer monitored as mentioned in a comment was submitted to my site, last time I posted a payment proof:


not any more, and they wont answer my request to find out why.

I followed up the comment asking for more details, but didn’t think much about it until now. Linsay may have found this problem before I did.

I will continue chasing up SmileCity and will let you all know if I get a response, I find it hard to believe that  Survey Sampling International LLC has acquired SmileCity just to run it’s name into the ground, so maybe we will get some answers soon. In the mean time I will do no more surveys through SmileCity until this has been sorted out. Furthermore, I do NOT recommend joining SmileCity until this has been resolved.

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How do I change country on PayPal account?

The simplest answer to this question is you can’t. PayPal either cannot or will not allow you to change the country you first registered with. I have emailed PayPal on how to change the country stated on my account and I received an apparently automated FAQ list response based on my subject. Clicking through to the most relevant question, I found the following information:

B. How do I change my address from one country to another?

When you move to another country, you need to close your old PayPal account and create a new account using your new address.

If you have addresses in both countries, you can keep your old PayPal account and create a new one, but only one of your accounts can be a Premier or Business account. You’ll need to use different email addresses for each account. An email address can’t be registered to two separate PayPal accounts.

Here’s how to close your old PayPal account:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click on the Profile icon at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click Profile and settings.
  4. Click My settings.
  5. Click Close account in the “Account type” section.
  6. Follow the steps listed.

After you close your account, any transactions that are in progress are cancelled. We’ll send any remaining balance in your old PayPal account to your bank account. If you don’t have a bank account on your PayPal account, we’ll send a cheque to the address on your account.

Here’s how to create a new PayPal account:

  1. Go to the PayPal website.
  2. Click Sign Up at the top of the page.
  3. Select your country or region and your language.
  4. Select the type of account you want to create, and then click Get Started.
  5. Enter your information, and then click Agree and Create Account.

After you’ve confirmed your email address, you can use your new PayPal account.”

Great. I have been advised that I must close my account If I have moved country, but I still did not have an answer to how the change the country stated on my account. I replied to them asking again if there was anyway to change the account to reflect that I am living in New Zealand. That was 13 days ago and I am still waiting for a reply.

I then decided to find the information for myself and after spending a night scouring the internet for an answer, I found many similar stories indicating that this is a common problem, if you move to a different country, PayPal requests that you close your account with them and make another. No one I found had a solution.

It seems strange that a modern internet payment provider could not or would not allow for their account holders to move to a different country, and as my email had gone unanswered, I tried a different tact and sent them a tweet asking why one could not change their country. This time I got a decent reply:

“Hi Russ, there are different features available in the countries we support and the majority of your information would (more)”

“need to be updated. That’s why when you move to a different location, you should open a new PayPal account. Thanks!”

So, in summary, PayPal cannot/will not allow your to change the country in your account and if you need help try @AskPayPal on twitter rather than going through the support email.

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Some changes to SmileCity

SmileCitySmileCity, New Zealand’s largest and in my opinion best, survey site has been acquired by Survey Sampling International LLC on July 1st 2015. There have already been a few changes that I thought I would take the time to mention here today.

Firstly, the ‘ebank’ feature has been disabled. All points currently deposited are still there and will mature and earn interest as normal, but no new deposits are accepted as of the 30th of June.

The prize draw also seem to have been disabled while SmileCity makes the transition. It is unclear if or when this will return. I never won anything on this draw so am not too concerned by this change.

On the plus side, however, SmileCity claims to be  able to offer its users more survey opportunities because of the larger network that it is now part of. Already a button has been added to the front page of users account offering extra surveys to complete (paid of course), if there are no survey invitations available. I have yet to qualify for one of these, but it is very early days yet and it is too early to see how the changes affect its users in the future.

I will continue to monitor this site and hopeful will be able to continue earning extra money from this great site. I will continue to keep you readers up to date with any further changes.

You can join the site for free by clicking the banner below. 


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Online Earning update June 2015

  • Neobux and Clixsense referrals

I signed up many referrals from these sites this month likely because of the payment proofs I posted.

  • SmileCity – Payment

Another payment from this great survey site.

  • Advertising earnings

Great earnings continue.

  •  PTC earning.


Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $1.20 0 12
Clixsense $3.70 1 16
BuxP $0.61 0 3
Wordlinx $0.34 0 1

Total – $5.85USD = $8.63NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $14.96
MyOpinion $3.08
spidermetrix $2.09
Pure Profile $0.00
opini $2.25

Total – $22.38NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $0.04NZD

Affiliate advertising – $204.75NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $14.36NZD

  • Total earning: $235.80
  • Payments recieved: $30.00
  • Total –> $235.80 – $14.36(hosting) = $221.44NZD earned.

A total of $221.44 went in my pocket this month. Still not enough to live off, but pretty much the same as I made last week

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Smilecity payment proof 11

smilecity payment 11The payments from SmileCity continue to pour in. This is my 11th payment now and SmileCity has really become a big earner for me. So far up to $330.00 NZ in payments. This site has not steered me wrong in the few years I have been using it and i am still happy to recommend this excellent survey site.

You too can get paid for your opinions by joining SmileCity and remember you can also get paid from referring you friends and family, making it the best paid survey site to use if you are living in New Zealand.

You can join for free by clicking the link below. Happy earnings.

You can join the site for free by clicking the banner below. 


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Clixsense payment proof 6

clixsense payment 6I have now received my 6th payment from Clixsense. Clixsense is quickly becoming my favorite site as my earnings recently have been increasing quite dramatically. Currently I am making more from this site than any other PTC site.

This is mostly because Clixsense has been offering extra money through its affiliate promotion. This adds a few cents every time some one joins h\as my referral. At the end of each month this certainly adds up.

Clixsense remains free to join and I still recommend this site as it one of the greatest PTC sites to earn from ever. Even more so now that they are paying for each person you refer as well as having its usually high paid to click earning from viewing the ads.

Click Here To Join:


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Online Earning update May 2015

  • Opini – Payment

Posted payment from Opini, no issues with payments from this site.

  • BuxP – Payment

Another instant payment from BuxP, no signs of any problems earning from BuxP

  • Neobux – Payment

NeoBux showing yet again why it is one of the best PTC sites on the internet.

  • Advertising earnings

Great earnings continue.

  •  PTC earning.


Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $1.09 1 9
Clixsense $2.45 0 2
BuxP $0.68 1 11
Wordlinx $0.43 0 9

Total – $4.65USD = $6.55NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $11.32
MyOpinion $1.59
spidermetrix $0.50
Pure Profile $0.00
opini $1.95

Total – $15.36NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $0.04NZD

Affiliate advertising – $239.00NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $13.38NZD

  • Total earning: $260.95
  • Payments recieved: $31.28
  • Total –> $239.00 – $13.38(hosting) = $225.62 NZD earned.

A total of $225.62 went in my pocket this month. not enough to live off of course, but a significant amount of extra income to play with.

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NeoBux payment proof 10

I was paid by NeoBux for the 10th time last week. Payments from NeoBux are always nice because they have instant payments enabled, meaning that when you click ‘cash out’, you get the money directly into your PayPal account almost immediately, Very satisfying not having to wait a couple of days or even months to get your payment.

Neobux remains one of my favorites and a quick search will show that Neobux is a favorite among most of the PTC veterans because of its 7 year long record of payments and trustworthy reputation.

You can join Neobux for by clicking the link below and try out this great site for yourself.

 Join NeoBux:

NeoBux Paid-toClick Service

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BuxP Payment Proof 10

BuxPPaymentProof10BuxP has sent me my 10th payment! 10 payments and not one issue in getting my money. BuxP has been around for almost 7 years now and has continued to run a competent paid to click service that I can trust.

With many ways to earn money including clicking ads, completing tasks and watching videos, BuxP has been my favorite PTC site ever since I started trying to earn some extra money online. The payment proofs back this up with BuxP still being the highest earning paid to click site on my list.


BuxP is free to join so why not sign up and have a look around for yourself.

Join me in earning from BuxP here:


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Opini Payment Proof 2

Opini Payment 2Opini NZ have paid me for the second time now and I am happy to report that there does not seem to be any problems with Opini and their payment systems. My payment of $14.70NZD ($15.00-fees) was paid into my paypal account almost immediately and with out question.

Unfortunately, Opini does not have an affiliate program so the earnings on this site are restricted to filling out surveys only, but with a relatively low minimum payment request of $15.00, it doesn’t take that long before you are able to begin spending your earnings.

Opini is worth joining and having a look around. It will add a little to your online earnings and is free to join, so there is very little to lose.

Join Opini by clicking this link:


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