Paid to Like is dead

paid to like is deadWell that is it. Paid to Like is no more. Went to withdraw my second payment only to find the website has been shut down. I didn’t have a lot of faith in the site to begin with, but after I received my first dollar, I was hopeful that things might continue.

Paid to Like was breaking Facebook‘s terms and conditions by selling likes and paying people to like pages. I never felt like my Facebook account was at risk, but I did think that Paid to Like might get shut down one day.

My guess is the big guys at Facebook forced it to shut down or the website administration was no longer finding it profitable as there did seem to be problems getting advertisers. Either way that is the end of that and I will be removing links on my pages. Didn’t really have much invested and never had to spend too much time with it, so didn’t lose much, but always remember to join only sites that have proven track records, good reputation and ample payment proofs. You don’t want to waste you time and money on sites that may not pay you in the long run.

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