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paid-to-like paymentA few months ago I came across a site called Paid-To-Like that promised to pay you for liking Facebook pages and on a total whim I decided to join and see if the claim was true.

At first there were a great deal of pages to like and at $0.01-$0.02 per like I was able to build up quite a reasonable amount of money in a short time. As the days went on the ads became less and less. Most days there was no pages to like at all, but occasionally another page or two would show up and I could add to my earnings.

The pages to like appeared rarely but steadily and finally I was able to cash out (minimum $1.00) and the money appeared instantly in my PayPal account. I am pleased to announce that Paid-To-Like does as it claims to do and is not, at the time of this post, a scam. If you want to make a quick buck like me, this site will pay you.

A word of caution about this site though. I am not too sure that Facebook would agree with using a site like this and the following is from their terms and conditions:
“Can I buy likes for my Facebook Page?
No. Certain websites promise to provide large numbers of likes for your Page if you sign up and give them money. These websites typically use deceptive practices or are scams. People who like your Page this way will be less valuable to your Page because they won’t necessarily have a genuine interest in what your Page is about. If Facebook’s spam systems detect that your Page is connected to this type of activity, we’ll place limits on your Page to prevent further violations of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

You can pay for ads and sponsored stories to promote your Page so more people will see it. This can lead to your Page getting more likes. Running ads and sponsored stories is not the same as directly purchasing likes. ”

It looks as though the page paid for the like will pay the penalty for this type of system, but I will let you all decide for yourselves. You can join or not by following the link below.

join Paid-To-Like


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2 Responses to Paid-To-Like on Facebook

  1. Amit says:

    I just joined paid to like. I was searching for reviews on this site. I wasnt aware that FB puts a restriction on your page for liking a FB page for money. Thanks for the info.

    • Russ Benk says:

      I haven’t had any trouble yet. I think FB will penalise the advertiser paying for the likes rather than the user liking the page.

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