Payza allows bitcoin withdrawal

payza to bitcoinPayza made a huge bitcoin announcement a while ago, you can now withdraw your Payza funds in BTC. This was posted on payzablog on the 11th of August and after reading through it, it seems to be very straight forward and easy to do. This feature is essentially allows you to buy bitcoin using Payza. Payza also states that they are interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general and are planning to expand the way that bitcoin can be used across their payment platforms. They state the method to be simply following three steps.

” 1. In your Payza account select “Withdraw Funds” on the top navigation bar and then select “Bitcoin”.

2. Select the currency (Balance) you wish to use, enter the Bitcoin address for your wallet, and enter the amount you wish to withdraw, then click “Next”.

3. Verify the details, enter your Payza Transaction PIN and click “Withdraw” to complete the transaction.”

At this stage the withdrawal can take up to 3 days, but the exchange will be locked in at the time of requesting the withdrawal. And unfortunately, you cannot directly buy bitcoin with funds deposited via your credit card at this stage. I am looking forward to seeing what else Payza will add to the bitcoins community in the future.

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