Profit with Neobux rented referrals

There is some controversy on the internet around neobux's rented referrals. Many people have been suggesting that they are not real people and are in fact bots that do not click ads in a natural way. If they are bots, that would mean that Neobux would be able to adjust the clicking so that you would have to pour money into the site in order to maintain the illusion that you are actually making money from your referrals. I personally do not care if they are bots or real people. I am focused on whether or not you are able to profit from renting referrals.

What are Neobux rented referrals?

The concept is all about how to make more money from paid to click sites like Neobux. Neobux will offer you a very high commission for getting others to join their site and click ads from the site. Just a few referrals can earn you more than you are likely to earn yourself. Each time someone who joined under you clicks an ad you will receive $0.01. It can be difficult to get others to join under you, so Neobux offers to rent referral to you and you will receive commission for their clicks. It is important however, that the cost of renting these referrals are less than the profit you make from them.

I have recently rented a mere 3 referrals to test and see how much, if any, money can be made from them. My plan is to maintain them over 1 month and report to you all my findings. Here are some numbers:

It costs $0.75 to rent a 3 pack of referrals initially. For the purpose of this exercise I am going to write this off as any profit will eventually pay for the initial rental cost.

It costs $0.57 to renew 3 referrals at the end of a month. (another 30 days). I will need 0.57/30 = $0.019 per day from my referrals in order to make enough to continue renting them or another month. Which is just under $0.02 a day which is 4 clicks total from my referrals.

4 click / 3 referrals = 1.333333 I must maintain a 1.333333 average in order to break even.

There is one more thing to include: Autopay. Turning this feature on will subtract the first click of the day and in return your referral is credited another day of rental. All advice I have found has suggested using this feature, so I will include it in this test and see how it shakes out in the end.

I will be posting my finding at the end of August, so make sure you come back to check if there is any profit to be had with renting referrals from Neobux. Want to play along? You can join Neobux here:


NeoBux Paid-toClick Service


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3 Responses to Profit with Neobux rented referrals

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  2. donald says:

    You have to be careful with rental referral from neobux most people think that these are bot and not real people. I f you want to make money with neobux it has to be from direct referral and minijobs inside neobux account

    • Russ Benk says:

      There is a lot of controversy about whether or not rented referral are bots. I personally only care if I can make money with them or not.

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