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It seems that SmileCity isn’t dead yet. 17 days after I made a support request regarding the disabled payments, SmileCity have responded with the following email:

Thank you for your email.
For the full list of available redemption options, please kindly visit our redemption page:
SmileCity Member Service Team”

I had already checked this page, but returned to see if there has been any change.

There are 3 options to choose on the ‘redeem’ page. The first called ‘Instant Cash Out’ allows you to exchange your points for a Flexi eGift cards that you can choose to spend at Domino’s, JB hi-fi, iTunes, Event Cinema or ticketmaster ONLY. As I am trying to earn money not gift/prizes, I would prefer not to use this option.

The second option is labelled ‘Traditional Cash Out’ and is the option I have been using for the past 12 payments without a problem, now there is the message: “As part of the recent change in corporate structure of SmileCity, we regret to inform you that cash out via EFT bank transfer is no longer available. Instead we are working to add PayPal as a cash out option in the coming months.” So that option is also out.

The third option is ‘Charity’. Nice idea, but also not what I am after.

After following the advice given to me in SmileCity’s rather vague email, I have determined that there are still no payment options available from SmileCity. The closest you can get is a Flexi eGift, which may be a decent option if you are after a little gift from doing surveys, but not really ‘money’ as such.

It is encouraging however, that support is still open even it it does take 17 days to get a response. I will be using SmileCity again now in the hope that the PayPal cash out option mentioned will be coming in the next few month. If not, who knows maybe I will get enough points to get a PS4 from JB hi-fi. This could take sometime though. I will open my links to SmileCity again, but I do caution that only giftcards are currently available.

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2 Responses to Response from SmileCity

  1. samantha says:

    i am having the same problem i logged in to find they had no cash out option i had my points in the god ebank waiting for my daughters birthday and went to cash it out and with no such success am now waiting in the hope for their paypl option greatly pissed off though.

    • RussBenk says:

      I feel for you, Samantha, they were paying with no problems for at least 3 years and now that they have been acquired by SSI, no more payments. 🙁
      I hope the PayPal option comes soon for both of our sake and the however many other people who have been shafted.

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