Results of Clixsense advertising

ClixGrid statisticsI have now completed my month of advertising and am ready to share with you the results of advertising on Clixsense ClixGrid.

Over the month I advertised with Clixsense, I was sent 24,474 hits, most (20,964) were unique. This equates to a huge 815 hit per day from Clixsense. The URL was a page giving the benefits of joining some of my favorite paid to click sites in hope to gain some referrals signing up under me. Other paid to click sites are great places to get referrals as the users you expose your ad to are already involved in paid to click and may be open to joining other programs if given a good enough reason to.

I set up my page with my most desired programs at the top and got referrals as shown below:

BuxP         –    9
Neobux     –    5
Clicksia    –     3
Incentria    –    1
Wordlinx  –      2

Total      –     20

I recieved some other referrals, but I can’t one hundred percent confirm that they came from this advertising campaign so have left them out. Now this may not seem a lot of referrals, but I expect these ones to be fairly active, as they are from users of Clixsense, so the understand already how paid to click works.

I paid $20.00 to advertise for 30 days and so ($20.00/20) = $1.00 per referral. Many sites you cannot buy referrals from and those that you can ($1.50 from BuxP) cost more than this. So all in all, I am happy with the results of this round of advertising and will be doing it again in the future.

If you have a campaign that requires a lot of traffic (mainly unqualified) for approximately $0.0008 per visit. I highly recommend advertising with Clixsense, especially on their ClixGrid game.

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