Should I rent referrals on NeoBux?

I mentioned one month ago that I would be studying whether or not renting referrals from NeoBux . I have been slaving away for the past month and now I am very happy to present the results. I used a method that I found on several webpages which seem to be more or less the same theory. I may present this strategy in full in a future post (let me know if you want me to in the comments), but for now I will just give a quick overview of what is relevant to my 1st month of rental.

  • Turn AutoPay on.
  • If a referral has an average click rate of less than 1.5 clicks per day, then recycle them after 5 days of inactivity.
  • If a referral has  an average click rate of 1.5 or greater click per day, then recycle them after 7 days of inactivity.
  • Click at approximately the same time everyday.

I failed to meet only one of these conditions, I did not click any ads on the 11th of this month. I hope that this has not affected the results too much for you and that you find the following table useful.NeoBuxRentalStatistics

(click to enlarge)

AutoPay was turned on because the cost of renting 3 referrals for 30 days is $0.57 and AutoPay takes the 1st click each referral makes a day and adds 1 day to their rental period. As 1 day of rental is worth $0.57 / 30 days / 3 referrals = $0.0063333 and the value of one click is $0.005 it makes perfect sense to leave AutoPay on or this 1st month of rental.

As you can see from the final column of the table, I spent $0.57 on rental the first batch of 3 referrals and they went on clicking  for me over one month to make me a grand total of $0.44! Wait, what happened? I spent $0.57 and got back $0.44!? That's no good. Ah, but we have forgotten about the AutoPay. At the end of this month I had a further 33 days of clicks across the 3 referrals. This is worth a value of 33 * $0.0063333 (from above)  = $0.20. Add that to the $0.44 and we have a total of $0.64. Great, so now we have profit: $0.64 – $0.57 = $0.07. So I am $0.07 better of than if I had not rented referrals this month.

Conclusion: You CAN profit renting referrals with NeoBux.


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