SmileCity payment proof 10

Smilecity payment 10I got paid by SmileCity again. This is the 10th time this site has paid me $30.00 and like most of the sites I still use, SmileCity paid me without any problems or stress.

I received a fair few surveys to complete this month, but the easiest way to make money off of this site is to refer others. Each time you refer someone who continues to use the site until they make 400 points, you get 200 points credited to your account. how do you refer someone? Easy, SmileCity will tell you all about it in there earning section, under ‘refer a friend’, but simply you have to direct someone to their site using the special link that they give you once you are a member and once they sign up and earn 400 points, you get the bonus.

You can earn many ways including completing surveys, viewing ads, buying something from one of SmileCitys reward partners or, as mentioned above, referring others.

Remember SmileCity is open only to those of us living in New Zealand, but is totally free to join. Sign up by clicking below.

You can join the site for free by clicking the banner below. 



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  1. Lindsay says:

    not any more, and they wont answer my request to find out why.

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