SmileCity payment proof 16

SmileCity Payment 16Once again another payment from Smilecity. This is probably the last of the payment I will receive from the period of time when Smilecity was rewarding it’s users for referring members and before it was acquired by Survey Sampling International and froze payments.

I don’t expect to get too many more payments from Smilecity, at least not as quickly as before, as I am now only earning from surveys. This site has seemed to become the same as every other survey site online, which is fine, but I morn the loss of the generosity of the old Smilecity.

On the plus side Smilecity still pays promptly and fairly, they still appear to be acting as a trustworthy survey site and could be worth a go if you are looking to earn a few extra dollars online.

You can join the site for free by clicking the banner below. 


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