SmileCity payment proof 4

I am happy to announce that SmileCity has paid me once again. SmileCity is a great way for New Zealander to earn some extra money online by filling out surveys and entering great competitions. SmileCity also has a great rewards system that credits you with points for shopping online with their numerous partners.

I make most of my points from surveys, but you can also bank your points to earn interest and you get extra for referring others to join SmileCity as well. I find it easy to refer others as SmileCity is the most profitable survey site I have used and I have already earned $120 from them.

Remember that SmileCity is a NZ only site, so you will be eligible for most of the surveys offered and you don’t have to compete for a place in the survey with others from other parts of the world. So, once again I am happy to recommend SmileCity as a great site to earn extra money and it is totally free to join.

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