SmileCity payment proof 5

My favourite New Zealand survey site SmileCity has processed my 5th payment and deposited $30.00 into my bank account. I say my favourite NZ site because I have been paid more from this site than any other survey site. My payments from this great site now totals $150.00.

SmileCity is also one of the easiest sites to use simply sign up answer a few questions about yourself and take every survey you can.

I would also recommend joining myopinions as you can transfer points from myopinions to Smilecity. I have never got a single survey offer from myopinions, but they do offer a weekly instant win competition in which you can add to your points. I currently have it set so points are transferred to my SmileCity account every time I have more than 100 points.

Another tip for earning extra from SmileCity is log in at least once a day. There are often short surveys you can answer for a couple of points each day and sometime there are also ads to view. These extra few points each day can help you get to your payment much quicker.

Finally I try to keep as many points in my ‘eBank’ firstly for 3 months as soon as I have over 100 points then I add to the balance any other points that I earn to mature on the same day as the original. The interest earned on these points can also be a big help when trying to get those few extra points before cashout.

Joining the site is free so why not sign up and have a look around. SmileCity

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