SmileCity payment proof 6

After a poor month last month, here is another payment, this time from from SmileCity. If you have never heard of SmileCity, it is a survey site that pays you for your information and opinions. It is a site for those of us living in New Zealand only, so there are many more opportunities to earn than with other sites that I have tested.

This is my 6th payment and with the relatively large amount of $30.00NZD per cash out, it has brought my total earning with this site to a massive $180.00. This is quite considerably more than I have earned on any other online reward site. If you are living in NZ there are very few sites which you can make money on easier and quicker than SmileCity. Simply sign up, answer some questions about yourself and you are ready to start making money off of surveys. Be sure to login to SmileCity once a day to catch all of the mini daily surveys to increase what you earn. SmileCity will also pay you for referring your friends.

You can join the site for free by clicking the banner below. 


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