Some changes to SmileCity

SmileCitySmileCity, New Zealand’s largest and in my opinion best, survey site has been acquired by Survey Sampling International LLC on July 1st 2015. There have already been a few changes that I thought I would take the time to mention here today.

Firstly, the ‘ebank’ feature has been disabled. All points currently deposited are still there and will mature and earn interest as normal, but no new deposits are accepted as of the 30th of June.

The prize draw also seem to have been disabled while SmileCity makes the transition. It is unclear if or when this will return. I never won anything on this draw so am not too concerned by this change.

On the plus side, however, SmileCity claims to be  able to offer its users more survey opportunities because of the larger network that it is now part of. Already a button has been added to the front page of users account offering extra surveys to complete (paid of course), if there are no survey invitations available. I have yet to qualify for one of these, but it is very early days yet and it is too early to see how the changes affect its users in the future.

I will continue to monitor this site and hopeful will be able to continue earning extra money from this great site. I will continue to keep you readers up to date with any further changes.

You can join the site for free by clicking the banner below. 


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