Take care of the cents…

CoinFunny how some will walk past 10 cents on the ground ten times without taking the effort to bend over a pick it up, but if they pass a dollar they well bend over, pocket the coin and think to themselves: “Sweet, scored a dollar!”

No one ever got rich from throwing away money, no matter how seemingly insignificant, those few cent here and there can add up to dollars, then tens of dollars then 100s of dollars over time. I often sit down to do a bit of ‘paid to click’ only to come away with a measly ten cents. This may happen again the next day and the next day I might get a still tiny 47 cents. But over the month I can average out the amount and find I have a number of payments like seen last month.

This ‘small change’ can multiply and add up to a free box of beer or meal at a restaurant. All by not throwing away opportunities and collecting every little cent available to you.

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