Update: CashCrate payment

I have been in contact with CashCrate regarding the high fees associated with depositing the cheques they use for payment. I sent the following email:

“payments to NZ:

I received my payment check recently with no problems (thank you very much), but upon depositing it in the bank, the teller informed me of the fees involved in depositing a check in USD. The fee is normally $15NZD, which as you can imagine does not leave much left of the payment if the minimum $20.00 is received (around $7.47 US). It is hardly worthwhile after the fee are taken out. Is there any other options for payment that we can use down here?”

And I received the following response from CashCrate support:

“To receive payments by Paypal you must reach silver level on our site and cash at least one check ( http://blog.cashcrate.com/announcements/paypal-is-coming-to-cashcrate/ ). You can reach silver level by earning a total of $500 or by getting a total of 50 active referrals ( http://blog.cashcrate.com/announcements/silver-status-for-500-earners-this-means-even-more-money-for-you/ ).

In the meantime if you go to the “My Account” page ( http://www.cashcrate.com/account ) you can increase your minimum payout so you can save up the earnings to receive only larger checks to help offset the fees.”

I enquired as to what makes a referral ‘active’ and:

“To count as an “Active” referral a person must be from the US and complete at least one offer ( http://blog.cashcrate.com/features/referral-levels-explained/ ).”

This would be a rather easy thing to accomplish, IF I was in the US and advertising to the US market, I have easily gotten 50+ referrals, but almost all are from New Zealand, where there are not many surveys available to complete. By doing the daily surveys for $0.60 each, I was able to get to the minimum payout and if I were to do as suggested and raise my minimum payout to, say $50.00, I would be paying less in fees, but it is hard for me to say that it is worth joining this site the way the payments work. You have to bear in mind that the first $15.00 or so that you earn is irrelevant meaning that you will work for free (or for the banks) for quite sometime before you earn anything.

I am going to discontinue using this site and recommend that anyone from New Zealand not bother joining either unless they are able to attract many US referrals or the payment system changes. I will keep my link here for those of you who are interested in trying it out and of course if you are from the US or are able to deposit US cheques with low fees, this site is an excellent survey site with great earning potential. But for those of us in New Zealand looking to earn extra money online, there are much better options.

Click here to join:



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