What are neocoins?

neocoinsRecently, after opening my neobux account I found that I had received 120 neocoins! Great! How exciting! But what the hell are neocoins?


After searching the neobux forum, I have discovered that neocoins are a new incentive that neobux have introduced after having them available to some members for beta testing. Neocoins are now available to all members, you should be able to see neocoin offers (if available) next to the adprize button, near the bottom of the view advertisement page. Neocoins are another virtual currency like neopoints and can be gained by completing the offers or, most appealing to me, gained from your referrals at 20% of their neocoin earnings. For example, if your referral complete offers totaling 1000 neocoins, you will get 200 coins as a commission. For doing nothing! Note that neocoins are credited to you 60 days later for security reasons.

Another exciting feature of neocoins, not yet seen in other incentives, is the ability to cash your coins out into real money, straight into your main account, for you to spend anyway you like, including cash outs. You can convert your coins into cash at the following rates:

  • 5000      neocoins = $  5.00
  • 10 000   neocoins = $  11.00
  • 20 000   neocoins = $  24.00
  • 30 000   neocoins = $  39.00
  • 40 000   neocoins = $  56.00
  • 60 000   neocoins = $  90.00
  • 80 000   neocoins = $128.00
  • 100 000 neocoins=  $170.00

The reasons for joining Neobux are mounting and there is no reason not to join as membership is totally free.

Join NeoBux:

NeoBux Paid-toClick Service

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