What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra money online, but may not be for those of you starting out. If you have followed my posts regarding earning extra money for free and now have a good website with some decent traffic flowing into it, it might be time to start trying to sell your traffic products and enjoying a kick back from the sales.

This is what affiliate marketing is. Quite simply, you direct buyers to a product and the producer gives you a commission for setting up the sale. many companies are happy to work on with this model and some ‘affiliate networks’ are set up with the sole intention of bringing advertisers and sellers together. One of these networks that I personally have used is clickbank. Clickbank has a huge amount of eBook style product on almost any topic that you can sell on your site. After you have signed up and created an account, you are able to choose a product to promote on your site. You will then be given tracking link that will let click bank know that you have sent to traffic to the product and that’s it. It is that easy, there is no need to worry about setting up payments or anything. The seller and clickbank handle all of that. All you need to do is send the traffic (get users to click) through your link or ad and the commission on any sales just arrives in your clickbank account. Amazon also has a very popular affiliate program that works in a similar way, I will leave you to discover more on your own.

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