Why most fail to make money online

Making extra money online is not as easy as you may think. Most people think that the internet is a goldmine and the gold is just going to flow into their hands quickly and easily. I got some bad news for you who buy into that way of thinking: The internet is a goldmine, but like a goldmine, you must work hard to understand the methods of exacting the gold and refining it into something you can use. I know that most of you reading this WILL fail to make extra money online for one simple reason: You will try and after you don’t see instant high yield results, you will quit and move on to the next ‘silver bullet’ idea to make you hundreds of thousands in ‘just three weeks’.

You don’t see a lot written about how many fail at trying to make a career out of the internet from home, because most sites you come across are trying to sell you the next best way you can quickly and easily become an internet millionaire. Selling ebooks is big business and although the material in most of the more popular books is good and will earn you extra money, few will keep at it long enough to even understand the methods outlined in the ebook they have just paid for.

I have always thought of it as the same as TV adverts trying to sell you the quick, revolutionary new way to lose weight. Any weight loss product will likely work, but effort and will power is needed on your part. This is the same with making money online, whatever method you choose, be sure to take due time learning and understanding the method before expecting results. DO NOT continue to buy promise after promise of ‘get rich quick’ products hoping that one of them will work straight away. If you are buying a new system or ebook every day and not making any money, you are spending more than you earn and are losing money quickly.

Find system that you can see working for you, read reviews on what others have said about it before any purchases are made, then stick with it, until you are sure you know the system and can make money off of it. Like any way of making money, making it online is about hard work and perseverance.

I hope this article has provided you with some hard truth. It was not meant to discourage, but rather to encourage everyone to get the most out of themselves instead of relying on some ‘get rich quick scheme’ to bail you out of your situation…

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