A Deep Dive on Betano

A Deep Dive on BetanoBetano is a fast-growing digital sports betting operator that focuses on software development and innovative operations. This betting site offers one of the best services to its users.
The betting site has accumulated bettors all over the world. This review will help explain ...

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Top 5 Best Mobile Betting Apps On Android & iOS

With the increasing number of mobile betting apps, finding top-tier sports betting apps that are perfect for you can be a tedious task. We know the importance of finding a mobile sports betting app that serves its intended purposes. That is why we’ve carefully done our research and put together a comprehensive guide on what to look for when choosing a mobile betting app. The recommendations that will be provided in this guide will help you make an informed choice while you try the perfect betting app.

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How to earn extra money in New Zealand

People always wants to earn more. To feel stable, you need several sources of income. Besides, it is always nice to spend money without thinking. You need some extra cash? Would to earn extra money? One of the ideas of quick money – gambling. Some tips about successful gambling you can read below. Gambling is a real challenge in those days. Everyone expects that betting comes with inevitable entertainment and everlasting fun. Other players want to excel in gaming competencies and increase their winning odds.

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PureProfile Payment Proof 9

Pureprofile payment 9Still cranking out the payments from this great survey site, Pureprofile has now paid me 9 times with no troubles or delays. Even though I miss the days when this site used to pay you for referrals, it still has a good number of surveys available and each survey tends to pay out a reasonable amount. After you reach the $25.00 threshold you can withdraw your earnings into your paypal account.

Pureprofile is still proving to be a trusted and paying survey site for you to earn a bit of extra money online. I would recommend adding this site to your list of survey sites.


Join Pureprofile! Click below



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Earning update October 2017

Right haven’t posted in a while all. I have been trying to come tot terms with all of these paid to click sites shutting down and now it looks like wordlinx will soon follow as their paid to click section has been ‘offline for updates’ all of this month. Still, bitcoin has been strong and I am still running a stable profit of about $100 a month. 

  Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $0.27 0 2

Total – $0.27USD = $0.39NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $4.08
MyOpinion $5.48
spidermetrix $0.17
Pure Profile $0.92
opini $0.00

Total – $10.65NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $117.64NZD

Affiliate advertising – $0.00NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $17.72NZD


  • Total earning: $128.68
  • Payments received: $25.00
  • Total –> $128.68– $17.72(hosting) =$110.96NZD earned
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BuxP closing


Well, it has finally happened. After 9 long years, BuxP is closing. It seems PayPal has claimed another victim, as the owner had been struggling with payments since PayPal revoked their services and left BuxP with fewer options for payments. This is sad news for me as I had been using BuxP for some time now and found them to be honest, up front and profitable. The sooner the industry moves away from PayPal the better, as continued freezing of funds and denial of services is anti-competitive as is slowly killing the entire PTC market.

Here is the admins post on BuxP:

First things first. 

After a long debate with my staff and colleagues, given the current situation BUXP is into, we have decided to call it a day, say goodbye to our baby and close BUXP in the near future. Why? Reasons enough, such as the declining GPT/PTC market, the negative perception, the hosting problems we have been facing,… but the main reason is called Paypal, which was used by 95% of our advertisers and since it is no longer available, without having decent alternatives on the market, our sales collapsed and BUXP became unsustainable. Compared to certain other GPT/PTC sites, BUXP was relying almost entirely on advertising sales.

We did research potential solutions, but honestly, the investment needed to put into BUXP without having guaranteed results is just too much of a risk. We had options to sell the site but did not feel good about it.

We are not going to abandon our loyal members and investors from the past, so please read the summary of things to keep in mind below… 

*BUXP will remain online until the end of 2017
*Advertising purchases can still be made
*Cashouts are no longer possible and you will not be paid for your ongoing activity.
*Current cashout requests will be paid out
*Members who invested in BUXP and have not received their return on investment on this specific purchase can open a ticket mentioning their username and payment email address (paypal, payza or bitcoins). 

This way, we hope we will compensate everyone completely and no losses are made.

Once again, we are sorry we had to come at this stage and never expected this a couple of months ago, not even weeks ago, but the situation is not improving and this seems, from a business point of view, closing is the only solution.

If you have a remaining balance which is not cashed out yet, you can exchange it into ads.




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Pureprofile payment proof 8

Pureprofile survey site paymentHere we have yet another payment from once excellent site Pureprofile. When I say once excellent, it was one of the last sites to reward you for signing up referrals. I was making about $100 a month, before they decided to remove the referral rewards program. I like to think it was me that caused them to reconsider.

Be that as it may, Pureprofile has alway been an honest and up front survey site, it continues to pay me every time with out any unexpected delay. The frequency and number of surveys available is right up there with any of the other survey sites that are available in New Zealand, and if anything, I find the amount of payment reward for Pureprofiles surveys to be slightly higher than that of it’s competitors. 

I know that I will continue using this site, as I consider it to be trustworthy, paying and a legit method to earn a little bit of extra money online.

Join Pureprofile! Click below




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ClixSense is no longer a PTC site

Well it has finally happened, ClixSense has removed the paid to click part of their website. In response to declining paid to click profits and of course the crazy actions of PalPal, they released the following statement (found here):

Members, more than 10 years ago we came online strictly as a PTC. As all things go, the ClixSense business model has changed over the years and with the addition of Crowdflower tasks, offers and surveys our core business has shifted. No longer are we just a PTC, but instead ClixSense has grown to be one of the top performing survey networks in the world.

While our survey, task and offer business has grown significantly, the PTC side of our business has been on a downward slide for some time now and more so since the loss of Paypal back in February.

Being in the PTC industry has it’s positives and negatives. The positive side of things is that we can provide you with an easy way to earn a little money and for advertisers we can send a large amount of traffic to their websites for a very reasonable price. The negative side of things is a bit more extreme. This caused us to lose our Paypal account (or so they claim), it places us into a high risk category any time we apply for a merchant account or new payment processor. It gives companies a negative feeling about us because this industry is loaded with fraud. What I mean by that is companies who we’ve approached to partner with us refuse to do so because of our affiliation with PTC. And lastly, from a revenue standpoint, it’s not profitable at all.

With the negatives out weighing the positives, and after 10 years in the PTC business, we have decided to move forward without PTC. Beginning July 15th, 2017 PTC ads will be removed from ClixSense. Along with the removal of PTC we have also decided to remove ClixGrid and the premium upgrades, including the corresponding 8-level commission structure. As of today, July 1st we will stop selling upgrades, PTC advertising and ClixGrid. Those of you who have ad credits on your account may still use them until July 15th. Any member who has purchased an upgrade in the last 24 hours will be immediately refunded today. We are stopping the sales so any remaining ad credits or ClixGrid campaigns can expire.

With the removal of upgrades we will no longer have 2 membership types. Instead, all members will have the same policies and options available to them and this includes cashouts. We have decided that we will raise the minimum cashout for all members to $10.00. This is still very reasonable and lower than many other companies in this vertical.

So what does all this mean?
Well, a lot actually. Any member who had purchased an upgrade in the last year will receive a prorated refund for any unused portion of their upgrade. This refund will be credited back to your account balance on or shortly after July 15th. The amount of prorated refund will be credited at 4.5 cents per day remaining on your premium account.

We know with the removal of upgrades and the 8 tier affiliate program that this may have an impact on some members with a large downline. To compensate for this ClixSense will now pay an incredible 20% commission on all direct referral activities. We will offer a single level affiliate program only and this commission is the same for all members as we will no longer have 2 different membership types. This change makes all members equal so everyone will have the same earning potential. This means if you are a standard member now (not upgraded) this change has given you a 200% increase in affiliate commissions (from 5% to 20%). For those members who are premium this is a 100% increase from your current affiliate commissions (from 10% to 20%).

* Please note, the 20% affiliate commission may be adjusted at a later date. We will keep this at 20% for a short time and then we will review our numbers and adjust from there, if necessary. If we end up lowering the commission, it should not be reduced to lower than 15%, which is still more than a premium member was making.

This new higher commission will generate more money for you than what the 8 tier affiliate program did. The reason is more members will do surveys, tasks and offers than those that would purchase an upgrade. In some cases this change can boost a members earnings significantly.

The checklist bonus will now give a possible 10% bonus to all members and the requirement for clicking PTC ads & ClixGrid will be removed.

Daily Checklist Bonus 7.0%
Activity Extra Bonus 2.0%
ClixAddon Extra Bonus 1.0%
Maximum Possible Bonus 10.0%

We realize this may come as a surprise to you but this is a change that had to be done. ClixSense will continue to be the best it can be and move forward because of your support. We are always looking for new ways for you to earn money and will not stop trying to improve our service.

Along with all these changes you will also notice a brand new look for ClixSense. A new website layout with a responsive design (mobile friendly) that is very pleasing to look at and easy to use.

So to recap:
• PTC ads will be removed.
• ClixGrid will be removed
• Premium upgrades and the corresponding 8-level commission structure, removed
• Minimum cashout for all members is $10.00
• Affiliate commissions upped to 20% for all members
• Checklist bonus will now pay a maximum of 10% if all requirements met.

We appreciate your business and welcome your comments, questions or ideas.

Thank you
The ClixSense Team

Please note – This is not about Paypal and we do not know if we will be getting them back. Paypal was not the driving factor in this decision so please do not write in asking if we are getting them back.”

Haven’t decided on what I am going to do with this information yet, but I am likely going to move ClixSense to a survey site.

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Pureprofile payment proof 7

pureprofile payment 2017I now have my 7th payment from pureprofile. As I have stated in previous posts, I have built up quite the balance thanks to their referral program, but now that they have changed it I will continue to make cash out until the balance dwindles. then I will be filling out surveys as normal.

Not all bad news as pureprofile is one of the more active survey sites and I can usually find a survey at least 4 times a week. The $25 cash out means that you don;t have to wait a massive amount of time to see your money and of course they have Paypal option so you don’t have to cash out using gift cards or vouchers.

Join Pureprofile! Click below


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Opini payment proof 5

opini survey payment proofI now have another payment proof from Opini. Once again there has been a payment of $14.70 deposited into my PayPal account with no questions asked and no troubles or delays. Opini continues to be a paying and trustworthy survey site for me so far.

I wish that there were more surveys from this site and it, of course would be wonderful to collect even a small amount from referrals, but I am taking this site as it comes for the moment. Not the greatest site out there, but with so few survey sites to use in New Zealand, this is a great one to add to your list of survey sites to use. Very few surveys are offset by the lowest cash out rate I have seen: $15.00.

Join Opini by clicking this link:


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Earning update May 2017 – Part II

earning update may 2017This is on continuation of last weeks post which you can read by clicking on this sentence.

We left off last week with a new and exciting way of making money online for me. I will start by saying, unlike the other ways I have been promoting on this site, this approach requires some capital, in this case bitcoin. It also has significant risk, using this type of method can lose you the money that you have put in. So as always, do not play with money you cannot afford to lose.

As mentioned in the last post, I had already ferreted away a bunch of bitcoin and although they are worth crazy amounts these days, investing them into risky trades loses me nothing in the long run as I have currently made more off of them than I bought them for. I am not stupid though, I am not going to risk it all, merely 1BTC in this case.

As BitNz has now shut down as a trading platform, I had to find a new one. NZBCX looks to be a legit and trustworthy according to all of the research I have done. My plan was to sell BTC as the price moved up and buy BTC as the price moved down or corrected itself. Last month was a very lucky time to start as the price made another huge increase. If you would like to know more about the specifics on how I trade, leave a comment and I will look into publishing the method in the near future.

So how did I do? Well, I will post all of the usual breakdown this time with profits from BTC trading.

  •  PTC earning.
  Earned this month Payments Referral sign ups
Neobux $0.74 0 2
Clixsense $0.96 0 1
BuxP $0.45 0 1
Wordlinx $0.08 0 0

Total – $2.23USD = $3.06NZD (approx)

  • Online surveys
SmileCity $4.73
MyOpinion $1.58
spidermetrix $0.16
Pure Profile $12.11
opini $6.15

Total – $24.73NZD

  • Other earning

Bitcoin – $474.80NZD

Affiliate advertising – $0.00NZD

  • Costs

site hosting – $17.26NZD


  • Total earning: $502.59
  • Payments received: $60.00
  • Total –> $502.59– $17.26(hosting) =$485.33NZD earned

Yes, you read that right $485.33 in profit this month!

I cannot expect that BTC trading will go so well in future months, in fact I am pretty sure I got lucky this month. Luck is a fickle mistress, an I will not rely on her alone. Stay tuned as I continue to search for more method for earning extra money online.

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Earning update May 2017

It has been quite some time since my last earning update and posts have been a little sporadic. If you recall back to March when I made my last earning update post, I was dealing with several problems in my earnings and the amount of money I was making was dropping rapidly until it reached one of the lowest points since I started.

In March, I made $12.04. 

Yes, that is right. I was now earning less than the cost of keeping this website up and running.

I was up and running again in April with a large payment from referring people to join the survey site Pureprofile, but they also informed me that they were pulling the plug on the referral program!

I felt like giving up, but knew that there must be other ways to turn a profit on the internet. After racking my brains over several weeks, I came up with a plan.

I have been earning from the internet and posting about it on this blog now for 5 years, and it has always been ways of earning that cost nothing. Time for a change. I have been quietly squirreling away the money for the past 5 years with the intent of using the money to make more money.

In that time I had put a significant amount into the famous, but terribly risky Bitcoin and it has paid off big time with the price of BTC sky rocketing from $57 a coin when I started to a whopping $3900 today. But I wasn’t going to simply sell off my investment to make a profit. I had another plan.

I will continue this story next post, so check in next week if you want to know how I turned the profit shown on the graph at the start of this post.

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Smilecity payment proof 20

smilecity paymentDespite removing the referral program many month ago, I am still getting a few payments here and there from Smilecity. this is my 20th payment paid instantly into my Paypal account.

I used to like this site much better when i hardly had to do any work and was making a great deal of money from it by referring others. now it takes much longer for me to complete surveys and let the balance build up to the $20 minimum.

Not the best way to earn money online, but you can make some money and they will pay you. so far in my case, 20 times with no problem. So if you are looking for a way to make a few extra bucks online it could be worth signing up to Smilecity. Sorry guys NZ only for this one.

You can join the site for free by clicking the banner below. 



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