About Clicksia and Incentria

Now it is time to have a look at Clicksia and Incentria. As using Incentria is identical to the method used with Clicksia, I shall simply be demonstrating how to click on Clicksia and you can use this same method on both these fine sites.

Clicksia Ads

Pictured above is the view ads page of the site. You are presented with a list of ads to choose from and as with most paid to click sites the time required to view the ads is longer with the higher paying ads. As a general rule for Clicksia and Incentria this is 10 seconds per $0.001. After you have chosen an ad and clicked on it a window (or tab) will pop up showing you the relevant ad within a frame. The top of the frame is a simple timer that looks like this:

Clicksia TimerAfter the green bar reaches the end you will be faced with a terribly difficult human test. (Just kidding, it is very, very easy).

Clicksia Human TestFind and click the upside down picture and you will be rewarded with the following message:

Clicksia EarnedYour account has been increased by the amount stated. Now you may close the page and choose another ad. When your account has reached $1.00, you can cash out. And that is it, that is how you earn on both Clicksia and Incentria.

Both sites are free to join so it is worth signing up and having a go yourself. Sign up by clicking the banners below:


Join Incentria

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