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Today we will have a look at how to click ads on ClixSense. This is pretty straight forward and works in a similar way to most paid to click sites. After you have signed up to ClixSense (for free, remember.) and click on the ‘veiw ads’ button located at the top of the page, under your user name and account balance, you will be shown the screen above. This shows you the ads that are currently available for you to view, how long you must view it for and finally the amount you will be credited after the timer runs out. To earn, you simply choose and click one of these advertisements.


After you have clicked one of the ads, a new window/tab will open with the human test shown above. All you have to do is look at the pictures, find the cat and click on it. Pretty easy if you ask me, but for some reason I always instinctively try to click on the cutest dog.


Next the ad is displayed in a frame with the above timer showing you how long you have to view the ad, simply wait until the timer runs out (usually 3-15 seconds depending how much the ad is worth) and then you are shown the graphic shown below.


And now the money has been credited to your account. Usually there is a picture of a coin rather than Santa, but at the time of my writing this, it is almost Christmas. Nice touch, ClixSense. Ok, now you know how, sign up to ClixSense below it is totally free!

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