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SpidermetrixSpidermetrix is an online survey site.

Based in Australia, but open to anyone, any where in the world, spidermetrix has become one of my favorite survey sites. The site itself looks nothing too special, but you will find quickly after joining that the site is a friendly and welcoming community with games, chat, news and a web site review posts that are added by any of the users.

Surveys are available in the survey section and when I joined I was even given points for filling in my details. Spidermetrix gives you points for surveys and contributions to the site as well as periodically offering competitions, such as the famous Sparades in which Spiderette (the sites mascot) acts out famous movies and users have to guess what is being acted out. Seriously, it is a great deal of fun.

Your points can be exchanged in auctions or redeemed as vouchers or cash in bank payment or PayPal. How much is a point worth from Spidermetrix? I have worked it out as roughly $0.17 per point.

This site also offers a fantastic referral program in which you can earn from any of your friends that sign up to the site and do surveys. The site is absolutely one hundred percent free and you are under no obligations at all after joining. you can start earning straight away.

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