BuxP drops PayPal payments

The great and powerful online payment tyrant, PayPal has struck again. This time refusing the honest and paying paid to click site BuxP. I have been paid many times by BuxP and have never had need to complain of their services. PayPal on the other hand have treated me, and apparently many others, with contempt, so I will be siding with the underdog in this one. Below is admins announcement and response to PayPal.




“Dear Members, 

Below is an update to the payment processor (un)available on BUXP.

After our first request to remove PayPal from BUXP because of the updated User Accept Policy (UAP) of PayPal, we came to an agreement that moving the sales part away from our site under a new account & domain name (ytservices.net) would be allowed. So, that is what we did. Apparantly, people at PayPal change their mind twice a day, and the next week they let us know that all activity related to BUXP is now restricted. We tried our best convincing them but settling a meeting with the U.S. President would have been easier than communicating with PayPal. That being said, PayPal is now disabled on BUXP and it will not return any time soon.

Bitcoins & PerfectMoney
On the bright side, we have enabled Bitcoins & PerfectMoney as payment methods on our advertising services. Once the verification and funding is completed, we will enable these 2 payment methods for cash withdrawal.

In the meanwhile, we have re-enabled Payza as a cashout method for ALL countries. The instant payment option for established members has also been re-enabled.

Payoneer & alternatives
We are in the progress of integrating Payoneer cash withdrawals on BUXP. We are also looking into other alternative payment methods for our advertising services & cash withdrawals. However, our options are limited, as we also offer a lot of Social Media Marketing services such as YouTube Views, Facebook Likes etc, some payment providers do not welcome us (for some odd reason this kind of services is in their restricted services list)

We are looking for a longterm solution to bring PayPal back, as 95% of our sales were made via PayPal, and a major setback is in no doubt if we cannot enable this processor anymore for at least our advertising services.

I do not have to tell you that PayPals decision is a major setback, but, instead of crying I a corner, we will try to evolve together with you and turn this event into a positive note.

Head over to the forums for questions and feedback.

Nice to see that BuxP will be using Bitcoin and I am seriously considering moving all of my payments to BTC as I am finding it hard to trust PayPal these days.

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