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CashCrateI have just joined another survey site after a suggestion in a comment from one of my readers, Evan. This site called CashCrate is an international survey site that includes paid offers as well. My first impressions of the site have been positive as their site is very simple and clean looking. I had no problem navigating and understanding how the site works. Also, upon validating my registration, I was credited $1.00 just for joining.

So far I have not been swamped be an avalanche of surveys, but there does seem to be more than I am used to finding on other sites. Being from New Zealand does limit the amount of surveys I see, but CashCrate has a $0.60 daily survey, which is not always available, but I have earn from it a few times in a short time.

There are also many offers available, most I tried are paying for you to join some site or other and are free. Some of the offers require you to pay something, but they are clearly marked as costing you and can be avoided if you wish.

Unfortunately, I am very new to this site and the minimum payment from CashCrate is $20.00 so ! don’t have any payments to show you yet. But you can search for payment proofs yourself and my own searching has shown me no reason to doubt this site. It has been paying for 7 years!

CashCrate is available to all countries and the number of surveys and offers will vary greatly depending on your profile information. CashCrate will also pay you for referring others which is always a huge draw card for my and places NO restrictions on the number of referrals you are allowed. CashCrate is also totally free to join. So you risk nothing by clicking the link below and signing up!

Click here to join: CashCrate

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4 Responses to CashCrate – surveys, offers and tasks

  1. Evan says:

    Hey! Great to see you advertising about this site! I have payment proof, my $20 cheque came just the other day! Maybe I could email it to you?

    • RussBenk says:

      So far I am pretty pleased with CashCrate. Hopefully I will get plenty of referrals, then some earnings will filter downn to you as well. You going to send me your cheque?! Great! No, just kidding. If you want to email me a picture of your cheque, I will certainly upload it here as a payment proof. You can find my email address here:

  2. Nick F says:

    Hi, it is over one year since you joined CashCrate. Did you earn anything from referrals?


    • RussBenk says:

      Hi Nick,
      I did get a lot of referrals, but most of them, like me, are from New Zealand. The surveys for us are very rare and there is also the issue of high fees when cashing a US cheque. I have asked if there are other ways and was informed that cheque is the only way at this time. It was not worth the effort and have discontinued using this site. And no, I made nothing from referrals…
      Thanks for stopping by Nick.

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