Changes to Pureprofile Refer-a-friend program

PureprofileMy profit in April was saved only by Pureprofiles excellent refer a friend program. This was the most generous of all the survey sites referral programs offering $2.00 for every friend that you could sign up. I, of course, sent as many people as I could, (thanks to all of you that signed up) and managed to walk away with over $100.

Now pureprofile has decided to make some changes to that program. I would like to think it was as a result of me totally blitzing their program and forcing them to consider something different. But it may have simply been time for them to make a change.

From the email they sent me:

“We are making updates to our “refer-a-friend” program to ensure a better customer experience. As a result we have paused the current referral program.

Any personalised referral links that you are using or have embedded on your social channels will be affected by this pause. From 20 April, 2017 onwards any existing referral links will stop working and cease having payments associated with them.

We will notify all members once our new refer-a-friend program is live.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

The Pureprofile Team

This appears to be a lesson in making hay while the sun shines and I certainly milked what I could out of this program. Hopefully what ever they decide to put in next is just as profitable, but I am not going to hold my breath.


If you still wish to join pureprofile, you can still make a decent enough of money out of filling out surveys. click the link below.

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