Clicksia payment proof 13

Clicksia payment proof 13Another payment from Clicksia makes this my 13th payment. Still paying out strong as ever, Clicksia has the lowest minimum cash out of all the sites I use, allowing me to cash out over and over again. I am still very pleased with this site and have no reservations continuing to use this site or recommending it to others.

I currently have 65 referrals that have joined under me and the number is rapidly growing. A lot of these referrals come from my advertisements on other paid to click sites, but there is a sizeable number of you joining from this site that are not as active as those who have joined from my ads. I can only imagine that those who have come from paid to click programs love the site and continue to do so daily, and those that have come from here aren’t really as knowledgeable on how paid to click sites work. This is partially my fault as I need to find a way to better explain how to earn a decent amount of money from Clicksia instead of just a few cents a day. W ill take some time to do so now.

  • Understand paid-to-click: First make sure that you know how it all works. You can read about what paid to click is by clicking this link.
  • Click all ads everyday: Make sure that you click everyday, at approximately the same time to ensure you are getting the maximum earnings available.
  • Check the offers section: Completing offers allow you to make a greater amount than viewing ads. Be sure to read the offer carefully so that you don’t make a mistake and don’t get credited.
  • Get referrals: This is the most crucial part of paid-to-click. When you have enough referrals, you can earn without doing any work at all.

Getting active referrals is the most difficult, but the most rewarding part of earning on paid to click sites. To refer someone to the site simply sign in to your account and click  ‘Promote’ on the menu to the left:







Your referral link will be shown. Here is mine:






You will note some banners to use for advertising here, see how I use them at the bottom of this post. These referral links are simply URLs. If someone visits Clicksia through one of these links and joins, they become your referral. You can spread this link in anyway you can share any other link, on social websites such as Facebook, twitter and Google+, via email, on your own webpage such as this one, even by commenting on other peoples website (try it on my website by leaving a sensible, relevant comment on any of the posts, use your referral link in the URL/website field and I will approve it). Once you have a referral you will be paid from their activities at 10% of their earnings from viewing ads and completing offers. This will multiply every time you get another referral. Sometime you will be able to buy spare referrals from the website if they have them available. For another strategy on getting referrals please read this post.

I hope this has helped some of you understand how you can better make money with Clicksia and will inspire you to become a more active member of the site.

Join Clicksia here:


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