Clixsense drops PayPal payments

Join ClixSenseOr should I have titled this post “PayPal drops Clixsense“? PayPal are up to their old tricks again and have disallowed Clixsense from using their service. What this means for us is that we will no longer be able to cash out of Clixsense using the popular payment processor, PayPal.

There is certainly to shortage of  complaints of people and business being treated unfairly by PayPal. There are numerous websites full of complaints and, even I, myself have run foul of their robotic, unthinking and unfair extortion.

From the mouth of Clixsense Admin:

“I have had several conference calls with Paypal over the last few days trying to convince them that we’ve posed no risk for the last 7 years since we’ve introduced them, and even our account rep agrees, but in their eyes it did not matter. On Tuesday afternoon I was told I would get a definitive answer either last night or this morning if we would be able to continue with them for at least mass pay cashouts. I received the call this morning that they are not allowing us to process with them any more. If you haven’t noticed, the option to pay by Paypal has been removed from the site.”

I have been treated well by Clixsense in the years I have been using them so I will continue to use and decide how I am going to cashout after I have reached the $8.00 threshold, but if any of you are using or wish to use Clixsense, you need to be aware that PayPal option is no longer an option. 

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