How to get referrals

Last month I actively tried to gain some referrals to the sites I use for paid to click and now that the campaign is over, I am very happy with the results. In one month I was able to attract a massive 43 new referrals to BuxP, 18 referrals to neobux, 9 to Clicksia, 6 to incentria and 7 to wordlinx. I was focused on BuxP in particular as it is currently my favorite site so I made sure it was on the top of my advertised page. So over the last month long referral campaign I was able to enlist an army of 83 new referrals to help me earn extra money online.

So how did I get all these referrals? I am going to come clean straight away and tell you that the following method is not free and I did spend some money on advertising. First of all I needed to create a page attracting others to want to use the sites that I enjoy so much. I decided the best way to do that was to show everyone a comparison of what each site offered, and what profits I was enjoying and let the viewers decide for themselves which sites, if any they would like to try. I used a chart based display with a very small amount of text giving an overview of what each site was about, and as I did not want to detract from the content of the page, I left the background and style simple and clean while trying to make it attractive and attention grabbing at the same time. You can have a look at the page here:

If you choose to make a similar page I recommend that you give your audience information that they would actually be interested in. If someone was going to convince you to join a site under them, what information would you like to know? There are far too many advertisements around that just send you to a sign up page without taking any time to give you information about what you are signing up to.

Next I had to decide where to advertise. Who would be interested in joining paid to click sites? Probably people who already knew and understood that you can make money with them. I decided to advertise on a paid to click site, and after a suggestion from  a fellow ptc'er, I choose to advertise on ClixSense's ClixGrid. It cost me $17.00 for a space in the ClixGrid game for 1 month and over that time I received a total of 19,359 hits. It would appear that this is one of the cheapest ways to advertise. I have been working with ClixSense for paid to click for a long time now and I can now recommend it as an advertiser as well. If you have something that you need to drive traffic to join ClixSense.



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