How to make more money with SmileCity

Today I am going to share a couple of little tricks I used to add a little extra to my earnings on SmileCity. SmileCity is my favorite online survey and rewards site, but it is only available to New Zealand residents. Because of this, people who are living in NZ are the only one who have access to the surveys and you will see many more surveys to do as they aren't all filled overnight, which seems to be common with most of the international sites that I use. I earn a little something everyday from this site as there is always a short survey to do, you will not make much on these alone, but when compared to the earnings from something like a paid to click site, is still a worthwhile amount. So my first tip is to log on once a day and do the short survey, these few points add up over time, and always click the paid link if it is available to you. This will un your earning to around five cents a day for very little effort. Of course you will want to check your emails daily to ensure you don't miss any of the standard surveys.

SmileCity also has a referral system, so if you tell your friends and they join using your referral link. You can gain 200 points per new member that reaches a balance of 400 points, so make sure you keep in touch and help your referrals to reach that balance as much as you can. You can also post your referral link anywhere you see fit. Facebook and Twitter springs to mind or if you have a website or blog like this one, you can use your referral link to guide people to join under you.

My final tip involves joining MyOpinions, where you can transfer your points, one to one, into your SmileCity account. MyOpinions has not really been offering me very many surveys, but of course, you might have different results as your details will change the demographics and you might be targeted for surveys that wouldn't suit me. MyOpinions does offer, however a game of chance called Instant win, where you pick a square on a grid and you can win up to 500 points. This is available once a week and I have set it up so my points balance is transferred to my SmileCity account every time I reach 100 points.


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