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My opinions payment 2016Here is my payment of $20.00 from My Opinions. My Opinions is basically exactly the same as Smilecity is now as it is run by the same company that bought SmileCity.  My Opinions used to offer a way of transferring your points to SmileCity meaning that you could reach your minimum withdrawal faster. Sadly that option is no longer available, but is the explanation as to why I have so many payment from SmileCity and this is my first from My Opinions.

What can I say about this site that i haven’t already said about SmileCity? Well not much really, except that now I can show that the site is totally legit and will pay you when you have reached the 2000 point cash out minimum.Of course 1 point is equal to $0.01NZD so each cash out is $20.00 minimum. The amount of surveys you will get is on par with what SmileCity offers and you should be able to make some extra money online with this site.

There are extra referral bonus once you have referred 5 of your friends, so after you do that all of the money you can make with be from filling out online surveys. If you are into earning with online surveys or already use and enjoy SmileCity than My Opinions is another great site to join. You can join for free by clicking the link below. Happy earning.

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