Problems with Pureprofile


For the past 4 months or so I had been promoting Pureprofile as a most excellent survey site. On of the best things about this site was the referral program. You can earn $2.00 for every person that signs up to the site through your referral link.

But for some reason, I had been sending a fair bit of traffic their way and had not seen any rewards. Could it be that no one that I sent to Pureprofile had signed up to get paid doing surveys for them?

Seemed unlikely, so I emailed them after checking my referral link and asked if there was some problem. Turned out there was. None of the referrals had been processed.

The staff quickly remedied the situation and I got quite the nice payment from them as you will see in my next earning update.

So, if something doesn’t seem right and you are not getting paid what you think you should be, first check that you have everything correct, then contact help to politely asking if there are any problems. Worked for me.

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