PureProfile is back

PureprofileLast week, suddenly without warning, I received an email from Pureprofile informing me that there is a survey for me to fill out. I had pretty much given up on this particular survey site, as it has been over a year since I have earned anything form them and I haven’t heard from them in as about as long.

Of course I was curious and clicked through to the survey which I completed and found a few more to fill out. In fact I made $8.90 over the next two days from Pureprofile. I don’t know if this means that Pureprofile is back up and running after a time away or if they have found more NZ surveys for us to fill out, but I thought I would give everyone a heads up, this site seems to be offering some surveys to New Zealand members for the time being at least. You can join Pureprofile for free by clicking the banner below.


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