Pureprofile payment proof 5

pureprofile Payment 5Hasn’t been long at all since my last payment from survey site, Pureprofile and now here is my 5th payment. The minimum pay out threshold is $25.00 and I have been having very little trouble reaching it due to due the reasonably high  amount of surveys available and Pureprofile excellent referral program, in which you get paid to refer other users to the site.

So here is my pitch: If you would like to earn some extra money online and would like to see a handy $25.00 payment like this one, I highly recommend joining Pureprofile and filling out a few surveys. There are many different survey subjects and some are actually very enjoyable. Most take about 10-20 minutes each and pay $1.20 – $2.60. Some may be longer or shorter and consequently pay less or more.

Pureprofiles is completely free to join and free to get started, so there is no cost to signing up and trying it out for yourself.


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