Pureprofile payment proof 8

Pureprofile survey site paymentHere we have yet another payment from once excellent site Pureprofile. When I say once excellent, it was one of the last sites to reward you for signing up referrals. I was making about $100 a month, before they decided to remove the referral rewards program. I like to think it was me that caused them to reconsider.

Be that as it may, Pureprofile has alway been an honest and up front survey site, it continues to pay me every time with out any unexpected delay. The frequency and number of surveys available is right up there with any of the other survey sites that are available in New Zealand, and if anything, I find the amount of payment reward for Pureprofiles surveys to be slightly higher than that of it’s competitors. 

I know that I will continue using this site, as I consider it to be trustworthy, paying and a legit method to earn a little bit of extra money online.

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