SmileCity payment proof 2

I have been paid again by SmileCity. This is the second time I have been paid and although it takes a very long time, SmileCity has paid me in full before the time they specified. Payments can take up to eight weeks, because of how the payments are processed, in their own words:

"Cash Out requests are processed only once a month, and there is a mandatory waiting period of 4 weeks. This means it will be at least 5 weeks, and possibly up to 8 weeks or more, before you receive the payment."

Never the less, I am pleased with SmileCity as a way to make extra money online, it is very unlikely to make you rich but the extra $30.00 can come in handy once in a while. Earning from Smilecity is easier on this site than many other survey sites however, because during those long periods between online surveys, Smilecity offers you a daily short survey and most days there is a link to click for extra profit as well. I make at least 3-5 cents on this site everyday and that is within a few minutes, without doing surveys.

When there is a survey available, you will receive an email notification letting you know and informing you of how much it is worth. I find Smilecity to be particularly generous in payment for surveys, when compared to other sites. The site claims each survey will be worth between 10 – 1000 points (about $0.09 – $9.09 NZD), but in my experience they have ranged between 100 – 450 points ($0.90 – $4.09 NZD). Of course, the surveys have been selected for me and the answers to the questions in your profile will differ and you will be offered different surveys.

Joining the site is free so why not sign up and have a look around. SmileCity

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