What I will do next

Free Samples NZSome time ago I left the free sample markets to my friend Frieda, and in that time she has been faithfully updating the site every week in order to keep things ticking along nicely. She has enjoyed a steadily increasing audience to her site but now has requested that I step back in to help with a redesign to her site. We are both starting to feel that it looks a little simple, which was fine in the beginning, but perhaps the new visitors would enjoy and remember to return if we had a flashier spruced up site. Initially this site was an experiment but it looks as though now, this might be an idea that would be worthwhile spending some time on. After the site redesign and branding, we will focus together on driving more traffic to the site and offers through advertising. Hopefully this will result in increased online earning which will be shown and further examined here. Any questions or comments? Leave a comment below.

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