What is PTC (paid to click)?

Paid to click is an online business model in which advertisers pay users to view their ad via an intermediary known as a paid to click site.  Paid to click sites offer their users money to view a series of pages from their advertisers in return for a small amount of money. Users usually have to reach a certain amount of money before they can get the money out of the site, called a cash out balance or payment threshold, by way of PayPal or other online payment service.

Most PTC sites also offer a commission to users who are able to sign up new members. This referrals system will pay users, for any new users they direct to the site, based on the clicks their referrals make on the site. The earnings for referrals are often more than they user is able to make by themselves and as users sign up more and more members their profit increases in relation to the increase in their referrals activity. Some site have a down line system meaning you can earn from referrals who sign up their own referrals and so on.

Clicksia Human Test

To make money using paid to click sites, you must join, and click the ads that they offer to you while logged in as a user. Joining is very easy on most sites I use, with minimal information required and most of the time you can be signed in and clicking in less than 5 minutes. After entering your details, you will be sent a verification email, and after that you can sign in and start clicking. In the ads section of paid to click sites you will be shown a number of different advertisements and on clicking one an ad will show up usually in a new window. Do not click more than on ad at a time as this is frowned upon in the ptc world and may result in you being banned. The top of the window showing the ad will usually have some sort of a timer counting down and at the end of the countdown most sites will have some sort of a human test to ensure you are not a bot. These test range from selecting a matching picture or letter, simple addition or a simple 'click to be credited' link. After you prove your sentience, you will be credited money to your account. That simple. After you reach a certain payment threshold, you can cash out and start spending your money. Cash outs are processed by a number of different online payment systems, I predominantly use PayPal. Cash out processing times can also vary greatly from site to site. I have linked to the sites that I use below. 

The one thing you must be aware of when selecting paid to click sites to join, is scams. Many of these sites are not going to pay you, or will stop paying you as time goes on. I would hazard to say that there are more sites out there that will cheat you out of your time and money than sites that pay you honestly. I cannot stress this enough, do your research and listen to others experiences with the sites, if the site has not paid others reliably than it is unlikely to pay you. I have provided a small list of the sites that I use and I have received payments from all of them and continue to do so. All of the sites are completely trustworthy, free to join and have paid me with no hassles. Feel free to join any or all of them.

BUXP Latest Payment Join
Neobux Latest Payment Join
Clixsense Latest Payment Join
Clicksia Latest Payment Join
Incentria Latest Payment Join
Wordlinx Latest Payment Join
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